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Haranadha Sastry Pasumarthy

Artist Name: Haranadha Sastry Pasumarthy
Place: Kuchipudi

Email : haranadh.pasumarthi@gmail.com
Phone : +91 9542104565

Door No: 1-102/1
Temple Street
Movva Mandal

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist:

Pasumarthy.Haranadha Sastry was born in Kuchipudi, a birth place of one of the famous six dance forms of India, a village with rich cultural heritage, to a family of Kuchipudi connoisseurs.

Personal life
Pasumarthy.Haranadha Sastry was born on 15th September 1979 at Kuchipudi Village, a small village in the Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh to Sri.Pasumarthy. Kesava Prasad and Smt. Gnana Prasunamba. Belonging to a Kuchipudi traditional dance family, young Haranadh took to Mridangam as a duck takes to water and had early training at young age of 15.

Haranadh was initiated to learn Mridangam by Vidwan Sri Puvvula Satyanarayana, who was a highly accomplished Mridangam artist and a senior staff at Sri Siddhendra Yogi Kuchipudi Kalapiitham Campus, affiliated to Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad. On completion of his early training, his artistry grew under the tutelage of Mridangam maestro Shri Dandamudi Ramamohan Rao, a legendary percussionist. Guru Ramamohan Rao, was the deciple of Pazhani Subramanian Pillai, a great mridangam and Kanjira Vidwan, an A-Grade artist in AIR, Sangeetha Natak academy awardees. Under Shri Rao's guidance, Haranadh blossomed into a full-fledged Mridangist with a capacity to accompany all the leading kuchipudi dance performance.

Post Graduated in Commerce from Nagarjuna University, Guntur.
Certificate Course and Diploma degree in Mridangam from G.V.R. Government College of Music and Dance, Vijayawada

Before he turned twenty, Haranadh had the good fortune to accompany number of kuchipudi dance ballets all over India and abroad like US under various renowned contemporary kuchipudi dance  stalwarts on prestigious stages like Sangeetha Natak Academy New Delhi. As an accomplished percussionist, Haranadh also participated in major events organized by prestigious platforms like Akhilabharatha Kuchipudi Natya Kalamandali, Kuchipudi convention by Siliconandhra in Unitied States of America.

To maintain continuity and consistency prolific art, Haranadh an accomplished artist, currently working as an accompanist in Sri Siddhendra Yogi Campus, Kuchipudi affiliated to Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad.

Haranadh besides being a prolific Mridangam artist also can play other percussion instruments such as Tabla and Kanjira with the same felicity and with ease.

What's So Special with Haranadh?
Haranadh believes that rhythm is an essential and integral part of any music. Predominance of the soft and simple sarvalaghus to sweeten music, their logical development into astonishing varieties and tirmanas and the clarity of strokes in fast play formed fascinating traits in Haranadh artistry.

Compared to the double headed Mridangam with its rich tonal quality, the single headed Kanjira with its limited tonal quality is more difficult to handle but Haranadh equaled in duet.