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Keiko Watanabe

Artist Name: Keiko Watanabe
Place: Tokyo, Japan

Email : kuchipudikeiko@yahoo.co.jp
Phone :

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A Japanese by birth, Keiko Watanabe is an established Kuchipudi artist with an experience of a decade and a half . She is an outstanding solo artist of merit having mastered this classical style with an innate interest and utmost devotion. She initiated herself to learn Kuchipudi Dance Style, under the tutelage of Smt.Sathyapriya Ramana and Ms.Sailaja (disciples of Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam) from 1996.

From 2007, Keiko is undergoing advanced training in this style from Smt.Uma Muralikrishna and Sri.Kishore Mosalikanti,,both exponents of  Kuchipudi . Keiko has participated in government sponsored programs and important festivals held by various sabhas in India and in Japan for over 15years.

She got the Best Dancer Endowment Award in 2004 from the Krishna Gana Sabha , Chennai, India

Keiko is the artistic director of KUCHIPUDI KEIKO DANCE SCHOOL at Tokyo.