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Eleonora Levanskaya

 Artist Name: Eleonora Levanskaya
Place: Moscow, Russia
School/Organization: Ananda Thandava
Website(s): http://en.kuchipudi.ru/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/awardrp

Email: kuchipudi@mail.ru

Profile posted below with the artist's permission

A Russian Studio of Indian classical dance «ANANDA TANDAVA» presents an ancient tradition of temple dance – KUCHIPUDI.

The studio was founded in 2005. The art director and the founder of the studio «Ananda Tandava» is Eleonora Levanskaya.

Being an engineer by education (she graduated from MSTU n. a. N.E. Bauman in 2000, Computer Systems and Networks Faculty, specialist) from her very childhood Eleonora took deep interest in Indian culture, especially, Indian dance. She started learning Kathak in 1996 in Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre of the Indian Embassy in Moscow. Later she also went in for Bharatnatyam during a year. In 1999 she started learning Kuchipudi with Irina Strakhovenko – a student of a renowned Guru – Maestro Vempati Chinna Satyam. She took lessons with Padma Puttu and Vera Krishnaraj (also the students of Vempatyi Chinna Satyam) later. Since 2005 Eleonora has been learning the art of classical dance on her own.
The principle activity of the studio is training all willing students in Kuchipudi art form, organizing performances, lectures, workshops, and participating in joint stage performances with different dance-trend schools.
Our dancers took part in dance competitions at various times. In 2007 a student of our studio – Nazira Tyuleneva became a winner in the nomination "The Indian Classical Dance - Kuchipudi - solo (adults)" and took the first prize.
The studio continually takes part in topical TV shows - both central (1st channel, TVS, NTV, Culture channel) and cable ones (Stolitsa Plus, India TV, VKT, Acado TV, TDK) to popularize Indian culture.

In 2008 «ANANDA TANDAVA» in collaboration with the cine-studio «Borbor» headed by the director Mikhail Trofimenko shot a training film on dance practice and history of Kuchipudi style. The film is regularly shown on «India TV» channel.

We have been working closely with the State Museum of Oriental Arts since 2005 presenting our lecture-concerts there.
In 2010 our studio began to contribute with Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre of the Indian Embassy in Moscow taking part in the performance and the concert tours organized by them. And our students now have the opportunity to attend workshops of the eminent dancers and teachers from India.