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Vimala Sarma

Artist Name: Late Smt Vimala Sarma                                                      
Place: NSW, Australia
School/Organization: Nayika Indian Dance
Website(s): http://www.nayika.org/index.html                                               
Interview: Interview for Narthaki.com
Email: vsarma@bigpond.com 
Phone:  (61) 409 690 220 ;  2 9699 4414/

448 Wilson St
Darlington, NSW 2008, Australia

Profile & picture posted with permission from the artist

Vimala Sarma, a teacher, choreographer and dancer of the Kuchipudi style of classical Indian dance, lives in Sydney, and is the founder of Nayika Indian Dance.  She produces her own shows, including the cross-cultural Deepavali Treats (2010), the Blue Lotus (2009), Lotus& Phoenix (2007) and Lotus& Phoenix II (2008) and Lotus & Phoenix (2007).  She has produced tradition dance and music concerts for CafĂ© Carnivale, - The Magic of Ankle Bells (2010) Raga & Rasa (2006), Laya – Timeless Rhythms (2007).  In the production Lotus & Phoenix which was part of the City of Sydney's Chinese New Year Festival of 2007, she collaborated with Chinese musicians and  choreographed an original work in Mohiniattam style set to Chinese music especially composed for the show.  In her other shows, the Kuchipudi dances she performed either choreographed by Vempati Chinna Satyam, or by herself.  She performed with live music at the Sydney Opera House in her production "Silhouettes" in September 2004, which used a backdrop of silhouette images of dance poses to enhance the production.  Vimala has performed in the prestigious annual Madras Festival of Music and Dance, and in other South Indian Festivals.  She was awarded a Certificate of Excellence and the Nritykala Siromani, and for various performances.  She was felicitated in a traditional ceremony by the Andhra Arts Academy in 2008.