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Anjana Parashar

Artist Name: Anjana Parashar
Place: Bangalore


Email : anju89.parashar@gmail.com
Phone : (91) 9008675299

Profile and picture posted with permission from the artist.

I have run through an exultant development during the past 12 years of my Kuchipudi dance training under the able guidance and support of  my Guru Smt. Lakshmi Rajamani.

My deep dedication and selfless commitment have enabled me to devote myself towards the Dance form. It is my deepest belief that, given the right guidance human growth is unlimited. I feel deep gratitude having the opportunity to be a student of Guru Lakshmi Rajamani.

I started my dance training at the age of 12 years pursuing the Vedantham style of Kuchipudi dance form. I have been a part of solo performances, brunda natyam and nrutya natakas presented by Lakshmi Kuchipudi Center. I have secured First Class in Kuchipudi Dance Junior and Senior Grade,
Carnatic Music Junior Grade conducted by Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board. Also I have been a part of Guinness Book of World Record twice, an event that constituted over 2800 dancers in 2010 and over 5700 dancers in 2012 in the International Kuchipudi Dance Convention, Hyderabad. Currently I am undergoing training for Pre- Proficiency Grade of Kuchipudi dance.

Smt. Lakshmi Rajamani, a renowned name in Kuchipudi Dance is the disciple of Late Guru Vedantam Prahalad Sharma. She is the founder of Lakshmi Kuchipudi Center established in 1980. The Government of Karnataka has honoured her with Karnataka Kalashree in 2000-01. She was the first in Karnataka to obtain a Master Degree, M.A., Kuchipudi Dance and also holds Diploma in Kuchipudi Yakshaganam. She has earned laurels and carved a niche for herself in the field of Kuchipudi Dance.


  • Dance training for over 12 years under Guru Smt. Lakshmi Rajamani.
  • Secured First Class in Kuchipudi Dance Junior Grade conducted by Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board in May, 2004.
  • Secured First Class in Kuchipudi Dance Senior Grade conducted by Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board in May, 2011.
  • Rangapravesham on 28th September 2012.
  • Currently pursuing Pre- Proficiency Grade in Kuchipudi Dance

  • World Famous Mysore Dasara Festival, 2012 at Kuppanna Park on 18th October 2012.
  • Cultural Activities Interest Group, Krishna Gardens, Bangalore on 9th December 2012.
  • Akhila Karnataka Kuchipudi Nrityosav, Seva Sadan, Bangalore on 10th February, 2013.
  • Vishwa Nrutya Bhushana,Jaganmohana Palace, Mysore on 29th April 2013 as a part of World Dance Day Celebrations.
  • Srishti Nritya Saptaah, Nayana Sabhangana, Bangalore on 3rd May 2013 as a part of World Dance Day Celebrations.
  • Every Friday Cultural Evening Programme, Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) at Yavanika, Bangalore on 26th July, 2013.
  • Rotary Club (Bangalore North) as a part of Telugu Ethnic Day on 9th August, 2013.

  • Participated in the Annual Day Celebrations of Lakshmi Kuchipudi Center.
  • Telugu New Year Programmes organized by Melukalaika Association.
  • Dasara Programmes in Gayatri Temple, Yashawanthapura, Bangalore.
  • Dasara Programme in Lakshmi Temple, Vallabhanagar, Bangalore.
  • Akhila Karnataka Kuchipudi Nrithyotsav organized by Natya Saraswathi, Bangalore.
  • Part of Nrutya Nataka – Om Durgayai Namaha presented as a part of Suvarna Karnataka Program in Koppal in 2006.
  • Part of Nrutya Nataka – Om Durgayai Namaha presented in ADA Rangamandira, Bangalore in 2010.
  • Part of Nrutya Nataka – Om Durgayai Namaha presented in Mysore Dasara in 2010.
  • Participated in Navya Natya Sangama organized by Natya Kusumanjali, Bangalore.
  • Part of Yugala performance in Sai Arts International National Dance Festival, Seva Sadan, Bangalore in 2012.
  • Participated in Sri Vasavi kanyaka Parameshwari mahamantra Japayajnam, Vasavi Conventional Hall, Bangalore in 2014.
  • Part of Yugala performance in Kalpashri Natarajotsav, Bangalore organized by Kalpashree Performing Arts Centre in 2014.


I have been a part of the following workshops and lecture demonstrations presented by my Guru:
  • Nrityaavadhana – organised by Karnataka Sangeetha Nrutya Academy in Sri Vishwanatha Swami Temple, Punanoor, Udupi District in June 2013.
  • Part of demonstrations in Akhila Karnataka Kuchipudi Nrithyotsav organised by Natya Saraswati, Bangalore in 2013 and 2014.


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