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Sridevi S L

Artist Name:Sridevi S L

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D. No: 16/27/26,
Big Fort, Old Guntur, 
Guntur 522001

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist:

I started my journey in Kuchipudi Dance at the age of 13 from Guru S K Khaleel, Guntur and discontinued to complete the secondary school examinations.

I restarted the journey during my graduation days and was part of duo / group local performances in Kuchipudi and folk dance under Radha Madhava Rasaranjani – Guntur, Nagarjuna University, Silicon Andhra International Convention – Hyderabad Guinness Book of World Record. Guru Khaleel emphasis on strict regimen and learned items with a view to take up Certificate exams which I couldn’t since, I relocated to Bangalore on employment assignment.

My dance journey took a break once again and even though I joined one of the top most corporate, there was emptiness and I very badly missed my dance. So, again I started searching for a Kuchipudi teacher to suit my work schedule and desire to perform solo as against the more of duo / group performances I had given at Guntur.

The search ended when I met Guru Sudha Sridhar, Bangalore and under her tutelage for the past two years in the Nartana Academy of Performing Arts, I started learning various nuances of Kuchipudi dance, abinaya, understanding concepts of dance, expressions for each mudra, feminine aspects of dance, etc., and graduated to that of a solo performer learning various choreography of legends including that of Guru Padmabhushan Vempati Chinna Satyam and performed at various prestigious festivals.  Through the Academy I got good exposure and also awarded ‘Nritya Mani’ at Cuttack Festival in 2015 and title ‘Nartana Manoharini’ from the Academy.

I performed at Dassara Festival Mysore 2014, Cuttack Mahotsav 2015, Rani Abakka Festival 2015, Kalpasri Nataraja Utsav, Dhamar Nrityotsava, Bala Tirupurasundari Festival, Akhila Karnataka Kuchipudi Festival, Sripuram Golden Temple, IGNCA, Bangalore, Radhamadhava Rasaranjani Guntur, Vasantotsav Channapatna, WCF Art of Living, New Delhi among others.


As part of complete grooming under Guru Sudha Sridhar, I attended workshops organized by the Academy, learned about the Sastras, Kuchipudi history, make up, attained skills to become a good performer, academician, set and pursue goals, thematic presentations with other dance forms (Odissi & Kathak), and got groomed on various aspects. I got trained in Bangalore and I completed certificate course in Kuchipudi in 2016 from Guntur. Three years of rigorous training at Bangalore enabled me to achieve my dream of performing with my Guntur Guru’s team as senior in the Silicon Andhra 2017 program and I don’t want to have any more breaks from dance and would also like to teach the art form to children in future.