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Tejaswi Kondapalli

Artist Name: Tejaswi Kondapalli
Place: Palo Alto, CA
Website: http://www.tejakondapalli.com/site/index.html
Videos: http://www.tejakondapalli.com/site/videos.html

Email : teja.kondapalli@yahoo.com
Phone : (001) 408-836-0795

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist

Tejaswi Kondapalli is a Kuchipudi artist from the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA. She has had an innate passion for dance since her childhood. She received her initial training in Kuchipudi from various Bay Area teachers.

Tejaswi is a recipient of Fulbright Fellowship for Performing Arts and spent the 2010-2011 academic year living in Hyderabad, India. During this time, she conducted research on Tarangams and Kuchipudi dance, under the guidance of her current Guru, Dr. Uma Rama Rao.

Tejaswi feels that her trip to India solidified her aspiration to continue research and performance if Kuchipudi dance. She is passionate about promoting the arts and educating audiences through her performances.

Tejaswi is grateful to her past teachers Smt. Shymala Karra, Smt. Vaidehi Yellai, Smt. Hima Bindu Challa and Smt. Revathi Komanduri for enriching her repertoire and inspiring her to continue dance.

Though her focus has been on Kuchipudi, Tejaswi is enthusiast for all forms of dance. She is actively involved in production and telecast of classical dance programs of Yuva Bharati, California.

Academically, she received a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering from University of California, San Diego and is currently employed as software engineer in the Bay Area.