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Pasumarthi Venkateswara Sarma

Artist Name: Sri Pasumarthy Venkateswara Sarma
Place: Hyderabad, India

Sri Bala Tripura Sundari Kuchipudi Natya Kala Kshetram
Website(s): http://www.kuchipudinatya.com/
Interviews: DesiShades

Email:- vs.pasumarthy@gmail.com

Phone: (91) 9849572163 ; (91) 9490148115

Profile: http://www.kuchipudinatya.com/
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"Natyacharya" Pasumarthy Venkateswara Sarma comes from the lineage of Kuchipudi exponents of Kuchipudi village of Andhra Pradesh and he was born to the couple Sri P.V. Chalapathi Sarma and Smt. Saraswathi in Kuchipudi Village. He has completed his graduation in Commerce and also obtained diploma in Kuchipudi dance. He got initiated in Kuchipudi Dance under the tutorship of Sri Vedantam Radheshyam and Sri P.V.G.Krishna Sarma and later he had an extended training under the legendary Kuchipudi exponent Padmabhushan Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam.
Sri PV Sarma, an exponent in Kuchipudi dance, is talented in many ways. As an Artist, a Teacher, and as a Choreographer of many dance ballets he is well known in Andhra Pradesh and parts of India.
As an Artist
: As an artist, his maiden performance was performed in Kuchipudi under the aegis of Sri P.V.G.Krishna Sarma in the dance ballet Parvathi Parinayam conducted by Siddendra Kalakshetram in the year 1977. In the Kuchipudi tradition of Dance there are three kinds of performances, namely Solo Performance, Yakshgana and Nritya Natika and he has performed in all of them.

SOLO PERFORMANCE: After the first performance in 1977, he has been performing many solo dances consisting of Sabdas, Keertanas, Tarangam, Daruvulu, Padas, Astapadi, Javali, Tillana, Gopika Krishna, Sivatandavam, Bhamakalapam etc. He has been performing many solo items composed and choroegrahed by himself on different occasions.

YAKSHAGANAS: As a Yakshagana performer, he has done various roles in the groups conducted by Sri P.V.G.Krishna Sarma and late Sri Vedantam Prahlada Sarma. The roles performed in various ballets are Tarakasura in Parvathi Parinayam, Banasura, Siva and Parvathi in Ushaparinayam, Hiranyakasyapa in Prahalada and Sri Krishna in Bhamakalapam.

NRITYA NATIKA (Dance Ballets): Inspired by the ideas of his Guru Dr. Satyam, he has choreographed various popular ballets and played various popular roles
Awards and Titles

Sri PV Sarma has received many honours and appreciations at various places. One of the most noteworthy things to him is the recognition and appreciation of Akila Bharatha Kuchipudi Natya Kalamandali. He has also been felicitated with a title of "Natya Kala Ratna" in the year 1999 at Hyderabad. The famous Cultural Association, "Aradhana" in the year 1997, also awarded him for his services to Kuchipudi dance.
Foriegn Tour

Along with his Guru Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam, Sri PV Sarma toured Germany in 1992 and USA in 1998 and enacted in several dance ballets.
Projects and Goals

Department of Culture, Ministry of HRD(Government of India) has selected PV Sarma as a Senior Fellowship Awardee for a period of two years (March, 2000 - March, 2002) to condect research on comparative study between Yakshagana and Nritya Natika. Kuchipudi holds a high place among many dance art forms of Indian tradition. The object is to nourish and foster this "Kuchipudi Art Form" of dance so that it will always be popular in the future and to bequeath to the future geneations.