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Rajashree Holla

Artist Name: Rajashree Holla
Place: Bangalore
School/Organization: Laasya Lahari


Email : raja_shree_holla@yahoo.co.in
Phone :

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist

Smt. Rajashree holla, is a stunning dancer of Kuchipudi described as an artist with a Gazel like grace, immaculate footwork & revelling abinaya. A versatile artist, Who has established her identity in the dance form with involvement and dedication.

Smt. Rajashree holla, started learning kuchipudi dance from the age of five.  Rajashree had the benefit of training under a galaxy of eminent gurus.

Vedantham Ramalinga Shastri,  Vijayawada (A.P) , 1985
Guru  Smt. Dharani Kashyap
Smt. Veena murthy vijay  , Bangalore,1993.
At present Guru Uday from Hyderabad
Smt.Rajashree holla had her Arangetram at Vijayawada in 1990 and ever since then she has given a large number of performances all over India and abroad  has the distinction of performing in all major cultural Festivals like Beluru,Pattadakallu,Badami,Hampi,Mysore asara,Kadamaba,Ankura,EFCA, InternationalCultural festival in Russia and so on.

She had also the privilege of participating in the Kuchipudi Utsav at the Kuchipudi village, Andhra Pradesh at the young age of 11yrs , in 1990.

As a talented dancer, she has participated in the choreography of Smt. Rashme Hegde Gopi Managing trustee of Shankara Foundation has featured in numerous programs that were performed in India and abroad.

Smt.Rajashree holla has participated several dance competition which has won her great appreciation from the people, media and other organizations. She has won several credit by winning the awards and most prestigious  being the State Level as well as the National level Dance competition conducted by Dept.of Youth Service and Sports.

Smt.Rajashree holla has also entitiled as  B Grade Artist of Doordarshan, performed for chandana as well as for the Rajbhavan show.

Laasya Lahari  kuchipudi dance school has been run by Smt. Rajashree holla  since 2006. Laasya Lahari is particularly known for its unique approach of personal teaching and individual care by the gurus themselves in passing on the knowledge to students. Laasya Lahari believes in experimenting and that is essential too but continuity is also necessary. The future is to be built on the foundations laid on the past and the present. With the adage in mind, Smt. Rajashree had taken up teaching to pass on this tradition to the Indians as well as for the  foreigner. .Laasya Lahari   has emerged as an institution with a difference in the propagation of the Indian arts and culture – especially dedicated to nurturing the age-old heritage of the Kuchipudi dance form. In the true guru-sishya parampara, girls are moulded here into fine dancers, through a systematized syllabus under the watchful eyes of the guru herself.

As she is the Director of LAASYA LAHARI kuchipudi school of dance.Her dedication and hardwork passion made her to reach excel in the Kuchipudi style to give the best in each and every performance and teaching.