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Sunita Pendekanti

Artist Name: Smt Sunita Pendekanti
Place: Pleasanton, CA, USA
School/Organization: Kuchipudi Art Center


Email: info@kuchipudiartcenter.org
Phone: (001) 925 484-2389

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist

Sunita Pendekanti started her initial training in the ancient Indian dance form of Kuchipudi under the guidance of her mother Smt. Kandala Janani Sarala an accomplished artist herself. She then started her training under Guru Vempati Kodandarama Sastri at the age of four and continued under Smt. Vempati Naageswari's guidance for several years.

Sunita did her solo dance debut (Arangetram) at the age of 16 and since, never looked back as the recipient of several district, state and national awards. She has also been bestowed various titles such as "Natya Mayuri" in recognition of her graceful presentation style with specific importance to "Lasya" and "Abhinaya". Sunita was awarded Silicon Andhra “Nritya Bharati” for her contribution to Kuchipudi from the prestigious local Association called Silicon Andhra in 2006.

She has participated as a lead dancer in several dance dramas conducted by her guru Mrs. Vempati Nageswari, Guru Vedantam Prahlada Sarma, Guru Pasumarthy Venkateswara Sarma and many other prominent dancers. Sunita founded Kuchipudi art center in 2001 and directed and choreographed "Krishna Mahima”, "Sarvam Krishna Mayam" and “Dhruva charitram” Kuchipudi ballets.

She has a BS and MS in engineering and works in the bay area for a technology firm.

"Kuchipudi Art Center" is a dance school focused on the traditional Indian dance form of Kuchipudi, founded by Sunita Pendekanti. The school’s philosophy is to train young dancers in the field of Kuchipudi art stressing mainly on abhinaya and lasya while helping understand the theory behind the ancient art form. The school has conducted several Kuchipudi workshops for the students in the bay area over the last several years. The students of the school have won several awards in classical dance competitions of major festivals conducted by local and national cultural associations.