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Lakshmi Bhavani

Artist Name: Lakshmi Bhavani
Place: Singapore
Videos:  http://bit.ly/kuchipudi

Email : bhavani.vijay@gmail.com
Phone : (65) 83088960

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Lakshmi Bhavani is a perfomer, teacher, and follower of the Indian Classical Dance form – Kuchipudi with over 15 yrs of experience in training aspiring students in this beautiful dance form.  

Education and Training in Kuchipudi Dance

Master of Performing Arts (Kuchipudi Dance)
University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad

Trained under Sri Mahankali Mohan garu
Trained under Sri Chinta Adinarayana Sarma garu
Trained under Sri Vempati Chinna Satyam garu
Hyderabad (Kuchipudi Art Academy)

Performance and Awards

Has given many performances in different Indian cities under the auspices of cultural organizations such as: Sangeet Natak Academy, Kinnera Arts, Sri Siddhendra Kalakshetram – Kuchipudi, Ujwala Kala Samithi, and so on. Has performed in programmes for Doordarshan, the state run TV channel in India.

Received Natya Mayuri Award from Kinnera Arts Association Hyderabad, and certificates of appreciation from various Dance institutions.

Performed at the 2nd International Convention of Kuchipudi Dance,  Hyderabad (Gachibowli Stadium) organized by Silicon Andhra Association in December, 2010. This performance of 2800 participants - students and Gurus - from all over the world has been added to the Guinness Book of World Records

Albums and Publications

Is a keen dance critic and reviewer and has written several review articles on dance performances for the Deccan Chronicle daily in Hyderabad.

Has produced an online video album called Kuchipudi Natya Swayambodhini, a self learning video series on the basics Steps and Jatis  Students can learn Kuchipudi basic steps without the direct guidance of a Guru/Teacher, by using this video series.,  http://bit.ly/kuchipudi