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Lakshmi Mani

Artist Name: Lakshmi Mani
Place: Chennai, India

Phone : 

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist

Universally acclaimed as an excellent danseuse & choreographer endowed with a rare sensibility for aesthetics, Lakshmi Mani enthralls connoisseurs of the Kuchipudi & Bharathanatyam genres of Indian classical dance, as a result of her deep understanding of both, without compromise to either.

  The Performer: Apart from having undergone rigorous training in Bharathanatyam from the doyenne Guru Smt. K.J. Sarasa, Lakshmi has had intensive tutelage in the Kuchipudi idiom from the illustrious Guru Shri. Vempati Chinna Satyam. She is today regarded as one of the outstanding exponents of Kuchipudi, feted for her exquisite Abhinaya (expressions).

 The Choreographer: Lakshmi’s virtuosity is well-represented in her recital of time-honoured traditional items, as also in her own choreographic pursuits within the classical framework. Spanning over a large spectrum of compositions, Lakshmi’s choreographies include several trendsetting thematic solo presentations based on the compositions of Kshetrayya, Oothukkadu Venkata Subbaiyer, Maharaja Swathi Thirunal, Annamacharya, Thyagaraja, Jayadeva, Narayana Teertha & other such composers. Worthy of mention, especially, is ‘Godaanjali’, a solo presentation based on the Telugu translation of Andal’s Tiruppavai.

The Cultural Ambassador: Lakshmi’s tryst with dance takes her to appreciative audiences across the globe, like USA, Sri Lanka, (former) USSR & Canada, while she also receives appreciation from various cultural delegations visiting India. She regales audiences across the length & breadth of her homeland, participating in several well-known Dance Festivals such as Khajuraho, Mamallapuram, Konark, Kuchipudi, Tirupati, Chidambaram, Tiruchanur, Tirupponthurthy (Narayanateertha Samadhi) & Bengaluru, besides performing for numerous Sabhas across the country.        
The Achiever: Having thus carved a niche for herself in the world of classical dance, Lakshmi is a recipient of several honours & awards. While it is noteworthy that one of her very initial recognitions came in the form of a Special Prize in Talent Promotion from the prestigious Sri Krishna Gana Sabha(Chennai), other appreciations include the titles ‘Natya Mayuri’, ‘Ubhaya Natya Visharada’, ‘Lalitha Naanaaroopa Narthaki’, ‘Natya Kala Lahari’ & ‘Nrithya Kala Bharathi’. She has also been selected for the award of ‘Nrithya Sri’. Recently, the world renowned Brahmakumaris Foundation honored her for spreading Indian Art and Culture through Kuchipudi. She is invited by several cultural organizations & dance schools across India & the globe to share her valuable experience by way of master-workshops, lecture-demonstrations as also to judge competitions.

The Eternal Learner: Continuously endeavoring to enhance her understanding & interpretation of the divine art of dance, Lakshmi is a Diploma-holder in Kuchipudi & is in continuous intellectual dialogue with scholars & cognoscenti of the arts. With a view to perpetuate the great traditions she has imbibed, Lakshmi trains a handful of fervent aspirants who come to her from all parts of the world, seeking to broaden their horizons & to further hone their artistic capabilities through her institution, "Mani Manjeera"
Seeking to spread the joy of dance all over, Lakshmi Mani truly believes that ‘Art is the inner language of the heart.’