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Vani Ramana

Artist Name: Vani Ramana
Place: Hyderabad

Email : vaani_2009@yahoo.com
Phone : (91) 9959502301

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist

Vani Ramana a truly dedicated KUCHIPUDI Dancer .
She is acclaimed not only for the perfection of dance but as a creative artist who brings depth intensity and naturalness to her work. She received a crest rising appreciation and applause from the press and electronic media. She is the recipient of many prizes , presentations felicitations awards in Kuchipudi style.  She can hold any type of audience spell bound.

She has given many performances through out India and also in MAURITIUS country. She is the disciple of Sri Satyakumar garu. She completed her Graduation and postgradution in dance under the tutelage of Smt Uma Rama Rao, Smt Alekhya , Sri Sethuram, Sri C.A.Sarma She also fulfilled her M.Phil in Tourism.  She proved her talent by achieving GOLD MEDAL in B.A.DANCE, in 1992 from Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad. She learned the techniques of presenting ballets under the guidance of “Padmasri” Smt Shobha Naidu.

In the performance way she presents a unique item SIMHANANDINI under the tutelage of Sri “Ardhanareeshwar” Venkat. In this item praising the goddess Durga, based on rhythm according to thala, without seeing , the dancer  should draw the picture of a lion on the floor with feet while dancing. Vani Ramana succeeded in this item and was appreciated by the audience, guests, and the media.


Swapna Vasavadatta is a historical themed ballet. Vasavadatta is a name of a queen who sacrifices for the sake of kingdom of Udayana. This balletis basically took from a Sanskrit drama written by the ancient poet Bhasa, thus has performed as dance ballet in Kuchipudi style.

Nouka charitam is the story about the love, effection and greatness of lord Sri Krishna. The total story comes on the lanching the boat on the river of Yamuna with gopikas and Sri AKrishna, the story ends with the realization of gopikas about Krishna leela. This famous drama written by the saint THYAGARAJA

This ballet depicts the navarasas (nine emotions) in the story of lorg Krishna. The story begins with the child hood of Krishna as Hasya rasa and continued the story by each episode established each rasa and it ends with the adbhutha rasa with lord Krishn’s Vishwaroopam.

 Group Photo with President of Mauritius