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Sreelakshmy Govardhan

Artist Name:
Sreelakshmy Govardhan
Irinjalakuda, Kerala, India
Avanthika Space for Dance

Email : shreelaxmy@yahoo.co.in ; aspacefordance@gmail.com
Phone :

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Confidence, elegance and liveliness; all three gets synchronized into one, when Sreelakshmy Govardhanan performs Kuchipudi. The evidence of her dedication and professionalism can be seen in the swift foot work and lightening movements on stage.

Kuchipudi is not just a passion, but the very purpose of existence for Sreelakshmy.

The young post-graduate in Psychological Counseling and Hypno-Therapy found her tuning into the Spiritual Self in Kuchipudi.

Many coveted titles like "Singar Mani in 2010 and Nalanda Nrutya Nipuna in 2009 and "Kalathilakam" of MG university in 2001 has come to her. Besides National events, she has performed on many International stages in Germany, Switzerland, London and U.A.E. She is blessed to have been trained under distinguished Gurus like Sri Pasumarthy Rattaiah Sarma and Srimathi Vyjayanthi Kashi.

Presently, she also conducts workshops on Kuchipudi, imparts senior lessons and conducts Arts Promotion events. She is the Artistic Director of Avanthika Space for Dance, Irinjalakuda, Kerala.