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Srividhya Angara

Artist Name: Srividhya Angara
Place: Bangalore

Email : srividya.angara@gmail.com
Phone : (91) 81972.41721
 Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist:

For Srividya dance is happiness - a complete and most potent of manifestations of a joyous heart.


  • Have been practicing the dance style Kuchipudi for more than 20 years now.
  • Have completed dance diploma course with Honors in Kuchipudi from the Telugu university, Hyderabad. Mentored by Kuchipudi guru Smt. Yelleswarapu Vijayavalli Priya.
  • Selected as a Kuchipudi artist for empanelment with the South Zone Cultural Centre, Thanjavur.
  •  Other dance styles learnt are Odissi, and Bharatanatyam.

  • Trained in the Carnatic (South-Indian) tradition of classical music both as an instrumentalist (Veena) and vocalist.


  • Akhila Karnataka Kuchipudi Nrityotsav, Feb 2014, Bengaluru
  • Noopura SvAdhyAya – an evening of Kuchipudi, Oct 2013, Bengaluru
  • Natyanjali 2011, Chidambaram
  • Brihan Natyanjali 2008, 2011 Thanjavur
  • Natyanjali 2008, 2011 Kumbhakonam
  • Festival of Dance and Music, Rajamundry
  • Thyagaraja Gana Sabha, Hyderabad
  • Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR), Hyderabad
  • Annual All India Arts and Crafts Festival, Hyderabad.
  • SamArOha – an evening of Odissi, Dec 2013, Bengaluru

  • International conference on music and dance (ICMD) 2014, Indiranagar sangeetha sabha, Bengaluru. Paper presented “Evolution of classical music in Kuchipudi”.

United States of America

  • First ever Kuchipudi dancer to perform at the 2010 Norristown Dance Festival, Norristown, Pennsylvania. 
  • One of six artists who presented their choreography at the 27th Annual Choreographers’ Showcase (2009) at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Centre, College Park, Maryland.
  • ‘Featured artist’ – 2010 ‘Nrityamela’ - Indian classical dance festivals at Jacksonville and Tallahassee, Florida.
  • Festival of Cultures 2009 and 2010, Charlottesville.
  • Asian American Festival ‘10, Richmond
  • Festival of India ‘10, Richmond
“Indian Classical Night” hosted and organized by the Hindu Student Society at UVA.

  • At the Ohio State University, Lima, Ohio.
  • As part of “NOOPUR – An evening of Indian Classical dance” as organized by SPICMACAY (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth), University of Virginia (UVa) Chapter, Charlottesville.
  • As part of South-East Asia Night at UVa.

·        International conf. on music and dance: Held under the aegis of the Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha, Bengaluru. Presented a paper titled ‘Evolution of classical music in Kuchipudi’.
  • Noopura SvAdhyaya: A Kuchipudi recital presented in Oct 2013 in Bengaluru saw the showcasing of six different and distinct Kuchipudi works, conceptualized and choreographed by Srividya. Priyalasya - Srividya A Sinha
  • Beethoven’s Symphony#5 in C-Minor: A desire to explore music, movement and story-telling beyond the traditionalism of Kuchipudi saw the creation of Mel - a choreogaphy rooted in ancient Indian epics, set to the western classical genius of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Symphony #5. This piece debuted at the 27th Annual Choreographers’ Showcase in Maryland, USA and was also presented consequently at the Norristown dance fest, Tallahasee Nrityamela in the USA.
  • Taraana:  Srividya’s first choreography, this composition by world-renowned Sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar, is an ode to pure Kuchipudi movement .  
  • Shiva-Shakti: A panegyric dedicated to the Male-Female principle, this choreography comprised odes to the Mother Goddess as Brihannayaki while the other praised the cosmic dance aspect of Shiva celebrated as Chandrasekhara. Debuted at the 2011 Brihan Natyanjali, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu.
  • Bhamakalaapam: Played Satyabhama – the titular character in this very traditional Kuchipudi opera.  
  • Navadurga Vilasam: Performed exclusively during the Hindu festival of Dussehra, this group choreography hailed the different forms of the Goddess. Portrayed the forms of Durga and Kali – the chief deities in the celebrations.
  • Alamelumanga Vilasam: Portrayed principal character of Goddess Alamelumanga.
  • Nauka Charitam: Depicted central character of Radha in this group choreography.
  • Vaaggeyakaara Vaibhavam: Literally “The glory of the composer-saints”, this 90 minute show was a collection of 19 songs authored by different composers, dating all the way from the 15th, to the 21st century. Of the 19 numbers, Srividya was part of 17, in the capacity of both a solo and group dancer.

  • In recognition as an upcoming Kuchipudi dancer, was awarded the title Nritya Kinnera or “The celestial dancer” by GOLDEN STAR, a Hyderabad-based cultural organization in the month of July, 2008.
  • THE HINDU – a leading Indian national daily described the performance as “perfect on all fronts”.  

·        SamArOha 2013, ADA Rangamandira, Bengaluru
·        PravAha 2014, Seva Sadan, Bengaluru
·        World dance day, Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha, Bengaluru
·        Monsoon music and dance festival, Sangeet Natak Academy, Thrissur

  • Completed Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), Hyderabad.
  • Worked in Mainframe technology with global IT majors like GE (Applications engineer), in Infosys Technologies (Programmer Analyst), and IBM (Senior applications engineer).