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Hemamalini Yaddanapudi

Artist Name: Smt Hemamalini Yaddanapudi
Place: Chicago, US
School/Organization: Lasyam

Website(s): http://lasyam.com/

Email:- hema@lasyam.com

Phone: (001) 630-585-8872

2611 Newton Court
Aurora, IL 60502

Below information is a courtesy from http://lasyam.com/Hema.html
Posted below with the artist's permission.

Hemamalini Yaddanapudi is a Kuchipudi dancer, teacher, director and choreographer of international repute. By profession, Hema is a trained lawyer and was elected as a Judge in India.

She began learning the dance at age seven. She is a disciple of renowned Kuchipudi maestro Bhagavathula Yagna Narayana Sarma and Bhagavathula Venkata Rama Sarma who hail from Kuchipudi – the origin of  uchipudi dance.  
In recognition of her artistic and pioneering work in the fields of direction and choreography, Hema won several awards from the government of various States and India. She performed on national TV and toured several places to perform at dance festivals. Hema won accolades for her excellence in choreographing dance ballets.
Hema developed a ground breaking choreography sequence for the opening dance ballet of American Telugu Association’s (www.ata.org) 8th World Conference held at Chicago in July 2004.

Hema is a creative, dynamic, prolific and a versatile dancer who has carved a special niche for herself in the field of Kuchipudi dance. Her innate sense of rhythm, graceful bearing, subtle facial expression and appreciation of the art are some of the qualities that add a new dimension to Kuchipudi, making her one of the finest exponents of this dance style. Her understanding and interpretation of Natyasastra compliments her
unique talent of developing young artists and disciples of the Kuchipudi dance.

Hema holds diploma in both Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam forms of dance.

Her mastery over these art forms is evident through her sterling work in the form of directing and choreographing dance ballets. She has a unique skill of blending classical mime with folklore with seamless grace and won rave reviews of such presentations.

Hema has demonstrated unwavering commitment towards living and advancing the Kuchipudi dance.