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Dr. Nirmala Visweswara Rao

Artist Name: Dr. Nirmala Visweswara Rao
Place: Hyderabad
School/Organization: Nirmala Nrithya Niketan

Email : nirmala_nnn9@yahoo.co.in
Phone : (91) 9866100831

Plot No.26, Phase-I, Road No.04,
Prashanth Nagar Colony,
Nizampet Road, Kukatpally,
HYDERABAD – 500 072.
Andhra Pradesh.

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist

A leading exponent of Kuchipudi dance, Dr. Nirmala Visweswara Rao has emerged as one of the best dancers of this style of classical Indian dancing. She is considered to be “the prima ballerina” among Kuchipudi dancers and also one of the outstanding performers in India.

Vastly gifted with an attractive demeanour suitable for this form of dancing, Dr. Nirmala indeed casts a spell on her onlookers while performing. She exudes vitality, warmth and endows her dance with an added dimension, and she enchants the initiated and the uninitiated alike. It is her ability to infuse beauty in whatever she creates and gives joyousness to her movements and expressions that set her apart from other practitioners. The movements are full of life and endowed with sensitive lyricism.

Dr. Nirmala Visweswara Rao is the disciple of the noted Kuchipudi exponent, the late Shri Chinta Rama Murthy who is one of the member of the seven families from Kuchipudi village who are renowned for their contribution to the revival and popularization of this classical dance style.

 Dr. Nirmala started her training in Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam at the tender age of 6 under great gurus and she continued to learn the art even after her marriage to Shri Visweswara Rao who is a strong supporter behind her. She completed her M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D., in dance under the guidance of Natya Kaladhara Prof. Pasumarti Ramalinga Sastry, Central University and Acharya Chigicherla Krishna Reddy, Professor & Dean, Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad.

Dr. Nirmala has performed widely in national and international festivals and has won high acclaim from both the critics and connoisseurs of dance for her impressive dancing. 

She has performed at the platforms of Ravindra Bharathi, Tyagaraya Ganasabha, Lalitha Kalathoranam, Shiparamam and all other prestigious platforms in Hyderabad. She also performed at many places in India and abroad. Some of them are at Third World Telugu Federation (Siri Fort Auditorium) and at Siliguri Utsav and other states i.e., Maharastra, Tamilnadu, Orissa, etc. Abroad performances at Poland, Turkey, Balgeria, Austria, Srilanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, Doha Qatar, Muscat, Dubai, Bahrain and USA.

Ballets Choreographed by Dr Nirmala are

*         Mohini Bhasmasura
*         Shakuntala Parinayam
*         Ananda Thandavam
*         Sri Rama Katha Saram
*         Khsamaya Dharithri
*         Dasavatharam
*         Nava Durga Mahatyam
*         Sree Krishna Vilasam
*         Bharateeya Nrithya Jhari (All Indian Classical dances)

Dr. Nirmalavisveswara Rao was the recipient of many awards

* “Kala Natya Prabhanjani” from Kalajagathi, monthly magazine, 2012

* “Kuchipudi Kaumudi” from Machilipatnam, 2012
* Participated in 10th Youth Festival in Hyderabad on 25.02.2005
* “Kala Saraswathi Award” by Srikalula Rangasthala Kalakaarula Samaakhya, Srikakulam in March,  2010.
* Indira Priyadarshini National Award in November, 2010 by Health Care International.
* Shankar Puraskar by Chittoori Kalapeetam, Hyderabad in 2010.
* “Best Dancer” award from Telugu Association – Muscat.
* “Golden” Award from Telugu Association in Malaysia for Golden Jubilee Celebration.
* Samskara Bharathi – All India Level Organisation (Akhila Bharatha Nruthya Utsavam).
* Received memento for excellent performance in Ugadi Celebrations from DR.C.Rangarajan,, Hon’ble     Governor of Andhra Pradesh.
* Received Cine Goers Award from DR.Akkineni Nageswara Rao, (Dada Saheb Phalke Award Winner).
* Ugadi Puraskar award from various cultural organizations such as Abhinandana of Hyderabad.
* “Best Dancer” award from 6th Global International shopping Festival on 6th June, 2008.
* “Natya Mayuri” Award by Kalanjali Samstha, Chilakaloori peta, Guntur in April, 2008.
* “Natya Kala Vidwamani” from All India Telugu Association – Doha, Qatar on 9th May, 2008.
* Nrutya Kaumudi from Manoranajani – State Wide Organisation on 23rd June, 2003.

Dr. Nirmala has prepared for her vocation both as a professional dancer and a teacher of dance, through rich and multifaceted experiences in higher academics, stage performances, classroom instruction and choreography. She started her own dance institution “Nirmala Nritya Nikethan.

Nirmala Nrithya Nikethan is a premier dance school in Hyderabad established in 1995 by Dr. Nirmalavisweswara Rao with the aim of promoting rich art and cultural heritage of India. Intensive training is imparted to the students here in Kuchipudi and Bharathanatyam. Beginning with a handful of students, the dance school soon grew rapidly in strength and eminence and is reckoned as a premier institution in India. Since its inception,  Dr. Nirmala has trained around 2000 students who have established themselves in different parts of the world. The students here are given comprehensive training from basic to advanced level in a professional manner with sheer discipline. Besides training students, the institution has been providing excellent opportunity for them to showcase their talent through various programs at national and international levels