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Sindhu Surendra Kandi

Artist Name: Sindhu Surendra Kandi
Place: Dublin, CA
ShivaNoopuram(School of Kuchipudi)

Phone : (001) 707- 317-7439

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist.

Out of the humble acorn come the giant oak tree and many Thousands of Acorns.

When Sindhu Surendra began her extraordinary quest over 18 years ago. Dance was just a desire, just a tiny seed. Now and after decades of nurturing, the hesitant step has become the confident stride, the explore has become the exponent. The acorn has become the Oak, The dancer has become the Master. The dancer naturally discovers her fertile ground of Indian Classical Dance, at a time when most children learn to walk. In her young physique reside many lifetimes of talent and many hours and days of unending practice and sadhana. 

This profile traces some of the milestones of her tireless and continuous journey, which have led her to become expert in Kuchipudi and a versatile articulate of abinaya and foot work. It also observes her systematic approach with other arts like playing veena, not as a distraction but as a resource for innovation. 

Just as the mighty oak sways majestically to every passing wind, her grace expresses itself with the first musical note that touches the ear. With each passing year, she is profoundly immense and wonderfully expressed, as student, performer, artist, teacher, professional and above all, the ageless dancer was Born to Mrs Kalyani and Nageswara Rao Baragada in India and married to Mr.Babu Venkata Surendra Kumar Kandi. She has been trained by Vedhantham Seetharama Sastry, Principal of Kalakshetram, Eluru, India. Vedantham Radheshyam, Vice Principal of Siddhendra Yogi Kalapeetam, Kuchipudi, India. Bhagavathula Sethuram, Head of the dept., Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad, India.

She performed in various dance ballets like ''Girija Kalyanam", "Rama Pattabhishekham", "Urvasi", "Shasirekha Parinayam", "Megha Sandesam", "Bhagavadgeeta", "Jalayagnam", "Bhuvana Vijayam", "Pancha Kavya", “Lakshmana Rekha”, “Yuddam Shanti”, "Kanyakaparameshwari", "Lakuma","Kuchipudi Shivadrumamu" etc under the guidance of various eminent Gurus like Pasumarthi Ramalinga Sastry, Bhagavathula Sethuram, Vendantam Seetha Rama Sastry, Chintha Ramanadham and Alekya Punjala.

She was awarded with:
• "Dr. K. Vishwanath Fine Arts Award", (given by the actor and director Kalatapasvi Dr.K.Vishwanath). 
• “Young Achiever" award given by ladies circle India. 
• "Abhinaya bestyouth classical dancer award, 2007 etc
• “Natya Koumudi" by Kala Jyothi, Andhra Pradesh, India.
• "Natya Mayuri Award" & "Raja Hamsa"given by kala Nilayam, India.
• “Sanatana Dharma Rakshaka” by Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and Save Temples Organization. 
• Mallisetti Sangeeta Nrutya Vibhavari felicitated with Bala Prathibha Kuchipudi Nrutya Kalakarini.
• “Rasa Ramya Lasya Mouktikam” by Sruthi Laya Arts Academy, India.

Sindhu Surendra completed her Degree in Kuchipudi dance from Potti Sree Ramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad, India. Performed in South Africa through Indian Government sponsored by ICCR (Indian Council For Cultural Relations) and Ministry for external affairs, India and performed in places like Johannesburg, Kimberly. Durban (Andhra Maha Sabha 75 years Celebrations), Capetown, Pretoria, Pittermaritzburg. Lenesia, Port Elizabeth (Grahams Town National Arts Festival in which 35 countries participated and she is one in the team to represent India ), Tongat and she has given performances throughout India, South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal etc.

She is still growing, still feeling, still creating.