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Neelima Raju

Artist Name: Smt Neelima Raju
Place: Vishakaptanam, Andhra Pradesh, India
School/Organization: Rangamandala
Website: http://www.neelima-kuchipudinritya.com/
(organization which just fosters creative processes of thought related to the arts)

Contact: (prefers email)
Email : neelima.kakarlapudi@gmail.com ; rangamandala@gmail.com
Phone : (91)99301-48199 ; 94412-62767
Alt Ph : (001) 716-465-4558

Neelima Raju
Kuchipudi Dancer
C/O V.Babu Rao
Door Number 2-23-11, Sector-6
Plot Num- MIG – II/84, M.V.P Colony,
Visakhapatnam - 530 017
Andhra Pradesh, India

Profile: http://www.neelima-kuchipudinritya.com/about_neelima.html
Profile and photo posted with permission from the artist

Trained in the art of Kuchipudi since 1987 under the tutelage of Shri Hari Ramamurthy and chiselled to perfection under the able guidance of Padmabhushan Dr Vempati Chinna Satyam, she is one of the young exponents of this art form. Born in 1979 she joined the Kuchipudi Kalakshetra in 1987 and graduated with a “Natya Visharada” degree in the year 2001 after completing the requirements of the course in Kuchipudi.
Performing since 1991, in the Kuchipudi Kalakshetra’s productions initially as a junior dancer, she rose to the ranks of the principal dancer in 1995. While pursuing a doctoral degree in Genetics from the United States she is also a full time professional of this art form. She considers the two years when she took a hiatus from performance as the most enriching period to learn about dance from the perspective of a young choreographer and an audience. Exposure to great choreographic productions from the vantage point of an ardent observer of dance has enriched her understanding of the art and has given it additional maturity. She is currently a member of UNESCO’s International Council of Dance.

Some of her well noted performances as an independent soloist are under the aegis of Kuchipudi Mahotsav (1993), Nrityotsav (1996-Anasuya Arts Academy), Kuchipudi Nrityotsav (1997-Central Sangeet Natak Academy), Vishaka Utsav (1996 & 1998 Ministry of Tourism, Govt of Andhra Pradesh), Sagar Utsav (1999 Dept of Culture, Govt of Andhra Pradesh), 4th Biennial World Telugu Conference (2000), Gunghroo Festival (2001, Ustad Allaudin Khan Sangeet Academy, Govt of M.P), Konark Music and Dance Festival (2002), Annual Music and Dance Festival (2002-Chennai), Tour of Orrisa-Participation in regional festivals (2003, South Zone Cultural Center, Dept Of Culture, Govt of India), India International Center (2003), National Center for the Performing Arts (2006-Govt of India), Triveni (2006-USA). She has also given some notable lecture demonstrations about Kuchipudi for the Asian Studies Dept (SUNY-Buffalo-2004) and the Albright Knox Art Gallery (2007).