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Elena Tarasova

Artist Name: Elena Tarasova
Place: Saint Petersburg, Russia
School/Organization: Apsara

info@elenatarasova.com ; indian.centre@gmail.com
Phone: (7) 911 923 38 40, 812 309 25 85  

197101, Russia, Saint-Petersburg,
Mira street, 3
Business Center "Troitskiy", of. 328,
Center of Indian Culture

Profile and Pictures posted with permission from the artist

Art historian by education. Elena Tarasova has been learning Indian classical dance for the past 23 years. Disciple of Kuchipudi Guru Padmashree Dr. Sobha Naidu, Kathak Guru Ashwani Nigam. Elena also had worked with other great Kuchipudi teachers Vempati Ravi Shankar, Shiv Adinarayana Chinta, Deepika Reddy, Sailaja, Jaykishore Mosalikanti, Ananda Shanka Jayant, Kaushalya Reddy, Kathak Guru Praveen Gangani, Mohiniattam Guru Shyamala Surendran.

Performer of Indian classical dance Kuchipudi, Kathak, Bharatanatyam, creative choreographer, dance teacher with 14 years experience, lecturer, art-researcher, artistic director-founder of
Indian dance Theatre "Apsara", established in 1996 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She is also a founder of the Center of Indian Culture in Saint-Petersburg (2009). Under guidance of Elena Tarasova more than 70 students are being trained, among them there are the citizens of Saint-Petersburg and many other Russian cities, several students-foreigners. Elena is a lecture in world famous Academy of Russian Ballet named after A. Y. Vaganova where she was ivited to conduct her course on Indian classical dance art.

In June 2008 Elena happened to be the only non-Indian Kuchipudi dancer participated in International Kuchipudi Dance Convention. Elena is a holder of Guiness World Record for Kuchipudi dance. Her biography was published by Hubners Encyclopedia Who is Who.
Activities:Indian classical dance performances, production of choreography for Indian classical dance Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam, Kathak, fusion, Bollywood dance, Indian classical dance theory, nritya yoga, hatha yoga (Shri B. K. S. Iyengar), dance therapy, philosophy of the dance, charity.

You are welcome to join Elena's Indian classical dance school "Apsara" in Saint-Petersburg.