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Sandhya Dinesh

Artist Name: Sandhya Dinesh
Place: Dubai

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Here is some information from Sandhya

Being born and bought up in family of artistic talent, I had been given training in music and dance from early child hood. With the blessing of my aunt Mrs. Vijaya Kumari, Bharatanatyam and Mohinyattom fame and Kuchipudi Art Academy fame and Kuchipudi trainer Mrs. Anupama Mohan created   enthusiasm and interest in arts. And there mentoring and training shaped me to train and learn dancing skills and techniques.
Formally started professional training in Bharatanatyam at the age of five. Later, got the opportunity to train under Padmasree Kalamandalam Ms. Kshemavathi specializing in Bharathanatyam and Mohiniyattom. During this period the theoretical and practical training in Bharatnatyam and Mohiniyattom helped me to adorn my styles and technique. As a dancer it helped me to put up my confidence and ardor. Conducted my arangettam during the course of my training and also performed minor stages as beginner. This added to my confidence and devotion to engross deep to develop myself to be a dancer.

To extend and explore and my passion to acquire different styles and techniques, decided to join Kuchipudi Art Academy at Adayar to train under late Padmabhushan Shri Vempatti Chinna Satyam, were system of Gurukulam was followed.   The dynamic and disciplined training for four years blessed me with beauty and technique of Kuchupudi established by the great master.

Recently, pursuing under the guidance of Shri Vedantam Ramachandra Vara Prasad (Sri Vendantam Ramu), who himself was disciple of late Padmabhushan Shri Vempatti Chinna Satyam and mastered his techniques.

Due to my never ending quest for arts, in parallel got training in Music and Veena and still enduring. Music and Dance are correlated; hence knowledge in music has helped me to comprehend the details of Dance rapidly. I was blessed with an opportunity to learn music under daughter of great musician, Dhakshina Murthi.

As a dancer, I got opportunity to perform in Guruvayoor temple, Chennai, and was invited to perform in several stages in Dubai for various associations.

Other Activities
Music – Basics done under my mother and later trained under Mr. Gomathinayagam and with daughter of legend Dakshinamurthi  for several years.
Did programmes in Guruvayoor temple, in Dubai.

Veena – Studying under Mr. Raju master for last 2 years

Major Programmes
1. Kuchipudi Dance Performance at Guruvayoor temple & Classical Music Concerts.
2. Kuchipudi & Bharatanatyam Dance Performance at Various stages and Classical Music 
    Concerts in Dubai.
3. Kuchipudi Dance Performance at Chennai
4. Kuchipudi Dance Performance with Mrs. Anupama Mohan (Disciple of Padmabhushan Shri. 
    Vempati Chinna Satyam)

1. Dala certificate and institution  certificate for carnatic music  and dance
2. Gana Mukunda Priya
3. Has been attending work shop classes with Mrs. Anupama Mohan since last few   years.

Other Activities
Presided as Kuchipudi  Judge  for Dubai Art Lover Association  (DALA ), Jhankaar beats an initiative by our own group of schools.