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Siri Rama

Artist Name: Dr. Mrs. Siri Rama
Place: Singapore
School/Organization: KanakaSabha
Website: www.kanakasabha.com ;

Interview for Narthaki.com

Email : sirirama@hotmail.com
Phone : (65) – 62388706 

24, Jalan Lada Puteh 
Singapore 228936 

Profile & Picture posted with permission from the artist.

Dr. Siri Rama,  is a  Bharata Natyam and Kuchipudi dancer, teacher and choreographer based in Singapore/Mumbai.  She is also the founder-director of the twenty-five year old dance institution in Mumbai, the Kanaka Sabha Performing Arts Centre and she holds a PhD in the Fine Arts from the University of Hong Kong.  Siri has performed to critical acclaim, presented group performances, and lectured, in many different cities of India and in many parts of the world including the USA, Germany, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.  

Siri has also trained a large number of young dancers in Mumbai, Hong Kong and Singapore and has choreographed and presented several solo and group dance performances to traditional as well as contemporary themes.  She has collaborated with musicians and dancers from many other genres including Hindustani music, Chinese and Malay dance, and computer musicians.  Siri is the founder-editor of www.kanakasabha.com, a worldwide website devoted to the appreciation of the Indian classical dance forms.