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Deepika Potarazu

Artist Name: Deepika Potarazu
Place: Washinton DC, USA
Website: http://www.deepikapotarazu.com/

Email : info@deepikapotarazu.com
Phone :

Profile: http://www.deepikapotarazu.com/
Profile posted below with permission from the artist

Deepika was born in Washington D.C. and comes from a family who bears a deep appreciation for the virtue and divinity of the fine arts.

Deepika started her training in Kuchipudi at the age of eight under Guru Vempati Chinna Satyam and Guru Vempati Ravishankar. She also had the opportunity to establish a strong foundation in the fundamentals of dance under the guidance of other disciples of The Kuchipudi Art Academy including, Kalpana Jayanthi and Vanaja Dasika.

She had the distinct opportunity of participating in recent productions and programs of the Kuchipudi Art Academy, in India and the United States, including Leela Ganapathi performed at the Music Academy Dance festival in January 2009.

In addition to classical dance, Deepika is a competitive tennis player and has also trained in carnatic vocal and western drums for several years. She is currently an eleventh grade student at the prestigious Sidwell-Friends School in Washington D.C.

Deepika recognizes the value of her deep heritage and has fostered a keen sense of responsibility in her mission to continue to establish Kuchipudi as a pre-eminent form of traditional Indian dance.