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Pallavi Prativadi

Artist Name: Pallavi Prativadi
Charlotte,North Carolina,USA /Hyderabad,AP
Pallavi Academy of performing arts

Email :pallavi.prativadi@gmail.com
Phone :

Profile & Pictures posted with permission from the artist

The lone participant in Kuchipudi, Hyderabad's P B Pallavi was a connoisseurs' delight. Groomed by her dancer-mother P B Krishna Bharathi, this fresh graduate in electronics engineering had a majestic stage presence and exhibited perfection and artistry in her performance…” -Narthaki.com

Soulful abhinaya,Dance Nrityotsav 2007 turns out to be a bonanza for dance lovers…” –The Hindu

Captivating Kuchipudi fare. Pallavi performed with her good stage presence,enhanced visual appeal and executed with practised ease…”-The Hindu

Pallavi hails from a family of musicians and dancers.Her mother and guru Smt.P.B.Krishna Bharathi had inspired and motivated her to start early and has been performing since the age of seven. A student of "Pallavi Academy of Fine Arts", Pallavi balanced her career and her passion for the art form, thus setting up an example for other budding dancers. She is presently an electronics and communication engineer. Emerging as an excellent dancer with a perfect sense of rhythm, expression and grace, Pallavi is as hard working  as she is dedicated to this art.

Pallavi has performed numerous times across the nation at various prestigious festivals and meets and has received various awards such as Singar Mani,Senior level ICCRT Scholarship and Nrityarchana. A few of the notable performances include the Soorya and Swaralaya Festivals in Kerala, Devdasi and Ekamra Festivals in Bhuvaneshwar, Sica and Kalasagaram Youth Festivals in Hyderabad,World Telugu Conferences in Singapore,Malayasia,Srilanka and Dubai,Festival of India in Charlotte,NC. Pallavi had continued to be active in her profession by performing,teaching and Choreographing.