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Sailaja Chaudhary Tummala

Artist Name: Sailaja Chaudhary Tummala
Place: Foxboro, MA, USA
School/Organization: Sri Kuchipudi Natyalaya
Website: http://www.kuchipudidance.net/index.php
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/esailaja1

Email : esailaja@yahoo.com
Phone : (001) 508-534-1181 ; 781 492 2146 

107 S High St Foxboro,
MA 02035 

Profile posted with permission from the artist

Sailaja is the Director of Sci Kuchipudi Natyalaya in Greater Boston. She is a Disciple of Padmashree Dr. Sobha Naidu Sailaja has been a professional Kuchipudi teacher for the last 12 years and has been performing dance solos and ballets for over 20 years, she played many lead roles while performing in India, US and UK with Dr. Sobha Naidu. She was awarded ‘Singar Mani’ in the 2000 ‘Kal Ke Kalakar’ by Sur Singer Samsad of Bombay. She holds Masters Degree in Kuchipudi Classical Dance form Telugu University of Hyderabad. She received Government of India’s scholarship for advance training in Kuchipudi. She was awarded ‘Natya Visharada’ from Kuchipudi Art Academy, Hyderabad.

Sailaja has mastered her skills over the time in composing new dance items, training, makeup, lighting and coordinating dance events. She has successfully coordinated/performed many dance ballets under her guru’s banner.