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Bala Kondala Rao

Artist(s) Name(s): Smt A.B. Bala Kondala Rao
Place: Visakhapatnam, India
School/Organization: Kuchipudi Kalaa Kendram
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/aditya99143
Interviews: Interview for KuchipudiVaibhavam.org

Phone: (91) 9440319247

Kuchipudi Kalaa Kendram
M.V.P colony, D.No.95/5
Visakhapatnam - 17

Photo and profile posted with permission from the artist.

Smt. A.B.Bala Kondala Rao, who is fondly known as Balakka in the Kuchipudi world is one of the greatest exponents of Kuchipudi. As a prime disciple of Guru Sri Vempati Chinna Satyam, she has toured the world giving classic performances. Be it Parvathi, Rukmini or Prakrithi, she has the reputation of breathing life into the innumerable roles she has played in Guru Satyam’s memorable ballets.

Balakka taught in Guru Vempati Chinna  Satyam’s schools - Kuchipudi Art Academy in Chennai and Kuchipudi Kalakshetra in Visakhapatnam. She is recognized as a dedicated teacher who is passionate about the dance and imparts dance education with utmost sincerity to her students. She currently runs the “Kuchipudi Kalaa Kendram” Kuchipudi school in Visakhapatnam. Many of her students went on to become well recognized Kuchipudi dancers, most notable amongst them being Sri Ravi Shankar Vempati, Guru Vempati Chinna Satyam's son.

Balakka has choreographed several ballets and her school has given several successful performances across the world. Blessed with a strong voice, Balakka's Nattuvangam is as popular as her dance. Balakka's talent runs in the family. Her second son  Sri Aditya Bulli Brahmam and first daughter-in-law Smt Amukta Maalyada Anand are very talented Kuchipudi artists. She is ably supported by her older son Anand on the mridangam and her husband Sri Kondala Rao. A winner of the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi award, Balakka continues to add laurels to her achievements.
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