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Artist Name: Sindhuja
Place: Hyderabad
School/Organization: Sinjini School of Arts, Hyderabad
Website: www.sinjini.com
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/archsindh

Email : sindhuja.arts@gmail.com, sinjini.arts@gmail.com         
Phone :

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist:

The Dancer

Sindhuja is a passionate practitioner of dance with a dedicated and disciplined approach towards the art form. Though she initially started with Bharatanatyam and having completed her Arangretram at a young age and hailed as a proficient performer, she found Kuchipudi her calling and continues to understand the subtleties and depths of that form.  She received initial training from Smt Madhavi, Smt Padma Kalyan and Sri Vedantam Raghava and since 2005 is under the guidance of Dr. Yashoda Thakore.

Lauded for her grace, expressiveness and sense of rhythm, she believes in a holistic approach towards the dance. Sindhuja composes dance for compositions included in repertoire (both solo and group presentational styles) aspiring to achieve a unique style, drawing inspiration from the readings/texts and other dances that she watches

Sindhuja commenced performing at a tender age of 8 and has been majorly a solo performer ever since, playing roles in ballets and group performances along with her teachers ensemble occasionally. She has performed internationally at the USA, China, London, Fiji and Cook Islands. And in India, at various prestigious venues like the Tanjore temple, Konark temple, Chennai, Mysore, Mumbai, Tirumala, Vijayawada, Kuchipudi to name a few apart from a host of events in her home town, Hyderabad.

Though she commenced teaching dance in 2011, Sindhuja established SINJINI SCHOOL OF ARTS (Regd) in 2016 and trains enthusiasts in both dance and music. A strong grounding in practical and theoretical aspects benefits her in driving concepts, making it engrossing, coherent and comprehensive to the students. Her students are trained to be informed performers and are pushing their little steps towards the performance arena.

  • Assisted in transliteration and translation of 12thcentury treatise, ‘Nritta Ratnavali’ and ‘Fragrance of Padams’.
  • Contributed articles/reports on classical dance and music to a local English Daily (2012-2017).
  • Founder member of a Hyderabad based Indian Classical Dancers group, ‘NaatyaSamgraha’, working on preserving, promoting and presenting performing arts.
  • Recipient of ‘Natya Ravali’, ‘Nritya Bhushan’, ‘Nritya Kinnera’, ‘Bala Pratibha’, ‘Bala Mayuri’ awards for dance from reputed organizations, won prizes in various competitions.
  • Trained and performed extensively in Bharatanatyam (1994-2000).
  • Practitioner of Carnatic Vocal.

Notable Recent Performances
  • Festival of India, Fiji and Cook Island - 2018
  • Gudi Sambaralu, Nijamabad - 2018
  • Bhaktamritam, The Nehru Centre, London - 2017
  • TANA, St. Louis - 2017
  • NJTA Concert, New Jersey - 2017
  • SCLISC, Beijing and Shanghai  - 2017
  • Amaravati Sankranti, Vijayawada - 2017
  • Krishna Pushkaralu, Dept. of Culture, Govt. of Telangana and AP - 2016
  • SICA Nrityotsav, Hyderabad - 2016
  • Siddhendra Natya Mahotsav, Kuchipudi - 2016
  • Annual Youth festival of Dance, Kalasagaram, Hyderabad - 2016
  • Visesha Kala Poshakam Utsav, Chennai - 2016