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Mandira Improta

Artist Name: Mandira Improta
Place: Italy
Website: http://www.mandiraimprota.com

Email : mandiraimprota@gmail.com ; natarajidance@gmail.com 
Phone :

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist

Mandira is a dancer, teacher, and anthropologist, with a well rounded knowledge of the Indian subcontinent, having spent extended periods of time there for more than a decade. Early in her life, her training, interest, and research was in the physical theatre and clowning. She embraced this for several years, along with other contemporary styles of dance, before the beauty of Indian classical dance, in the form of Kuchipudi, captured her during a journey to South India.

Enthralled and deeply in love with the complexity and richness of its expressiveness, she immediately decided to deepen her studies in a more dedicated and disciplined manner. Upon her decision to return to India for 7 months, Mandira began searching for a dance guru.

The journey led her to study with several teachers, before eventually discovering and devoting herself to the skilful and meticulous guidance of her current Guru, SathyaPriya Ramana, a dance prodigy from the prestigious Kuchipudi Art Academy located in Madras (Chennai).

For five years she continued returning to India; traveling, studying, and exploring the culture, as well as meditating in numerous ashrams throughout the country.

Mandira also resided in Berkeley (California) for some years, where she studied and assimilated another sacred dance form, the Dances of the Silk Route and Central Asia, with the world renowned dance company “Ballet Asfaneh”.

She focused primarily on Persian Classical, Tajikistan and Uzbek dances with the company’s premier choreographer Miriam Peretz.

Her relentless curiosity to assimilate more of the Silk Road dances lead her recently to Istanbul, Turkey, where she regularly visits to study the Turkish Romani Gypsy form with Reyhan Tuzsuz.

She presently lives in Italy, where she organizes workshops and retreats with internationally acclaimed artists, as well as performing.