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Prateeksha Kashi

Artist Name: Prateeksha Kashi
Place: Bangalore, India

Website(s): http://www.prateekshakashi.com/
Youtube: Channel Info
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Email: kashidance@gmail.com

No.200/7, Shambhavi Street
Sun City Road
Kengeri Satellite Town
Bengaluru-560 060 INDIA

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist.

Prateeksha Kashi hails from an artistic family of the legendary Dr Gubbi Veeranna and was initiated to dance at a tender age of five. Ever since she is being trained in Kuchipudi-a classical dance form of Andhra Pradesh, under the guidance of her mother and guru Smt. Vyjayanthi Kashi, a celebrated performer and choreographer.

           Having attained distinction at the dance examinations conducted by the State and Central Governments, Prateeksha is one of the very few dancers who have been selected to advance her studies in Kuchipudi by the Central Government of India. Prateeksha was honored with “Aryabhata International Award-2011 ” and  "The young dancer award" by Sanjali for excellence in Kuchipudi. She has the titles of Nalanda Nritya Nipuna, instituted by the renowned Nalanda Dance Research Centre and Nritya Jyoti, awarded at the Naveen Kalakar to her credits.

           A graded artist of the broadcasting media-Dooradarshan Kendra, she is also an empanelled artist of ICCR, Govt of India. Prateeksha has performed  in  several prestigious Indian dance festivals including Unbound Beats of India-New Delhi, Ananya-New Delhi, Rain Drops -Mumbai, Jayasmriti-Mumbai, Ankur Utsav-Kolkatta, Dover’s Lane-Kolkatta, Konark Utsav-Orissa, Devdasi-Orissa, Natarani-Ahmedabad, Dharani Utsav-Cochin,Kinkini Mahotsav-Bangalore, Mysore Dasara Utsav-Mysore and more.

           Prateeksha has received invitations from the prestigious Milap Fest-UK and Asea-Italy not only to perform but also to conduct Kuchipudi workshops along with her mother. She was polled by the audience to be the winner of the dance competition held at New York, Vedic Heritage of Pandit Jasraj. Her performance at Los Angeles for the first International Kannada Convention was highly appreciated. She has had an initial footing in the theatre domain when she played the lead role as Akkamahadevi in the telefilm “Hejje Guruthu” .She has also be chosen to choreograph and present the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurthi in the Kuchipudi style for the  multimedia production titled " Essence of Life. "

         Prateeksha's passion extends beyond dance to acting, teaching, organizing and natuvangam. With a keen interest to spread Kuchipudi and to inspire the youth towards it, she coaches dance aspirants in Bangalore.
           Her organizing abilities were well appreciated when she volunteered to be part of dance jathre, India’s one and only International Dance Fair. With her passion, exquisite grace and commendable command over the technique, Prateeksha has won the hearts of many art lovers in the cultural domain.