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Ardhanareeswaram Venkat Mudapaka

Artist Name: Ardhanareeswaram Venkat Mudapaka
Place: Hyderabad, India
School/Organization: Nritya Darpana
Website: http://kuchipudi-venkat.blogspot.com/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/venkeydarpan

Email : Venkey_darpan@yahoo.com
Phone : (91) 9849833363

Nritya Darpanam,
Darpan, 16-11-741/D-35,
Moosarambagh, Dilsukhnagar,
Dilsukhnagar, HYDERABAD-36.

Profile: http://kuchipudi-venkat.blogspot.com/2007/05/dr-ardhanareeswaram-venkat-brief.html 

Posted below with permission from the artist

* Honoured by ‘SIMHATALATAM’ (Lion-headed golden bracelet,
An age-old symbol of highest honour for artists).
* Recipient of ‘KANAKABHISHEKAM’ (A gold-coin-shower the age-old ritual of honour for artist’s superior-most by Sri satya Nritya Kalasala, Nuzivid Samstanam).
* Honoured by ‘CROWNING’ (as a symbol of great honour by Tulasiram Memorial
Cultural organizations).
* ‘GOLDEN AWARD’ by Malaysia Telugu Sangham, Malaysia.
* Best Classical Dancer –2002 by Rasamayi Organisation,
Dubai.* Crowned with prestigious title ‘Ardhanareeswaram’ which became almost theSurname for Dr.Venkat.* ‘AWARD OF HONOUR’ by International Minzar Mahostav-2006, Chamba
Himachal Pradesh.
* National Grade Artist in Doordarshan (Broadcasting Media).
* Top Ranking Artist of Cultural Affairs, Govt. 0f A.P. and Song & Drama Division,
Govt of India.
* Recognised as an out standing Artist by ICCR (Govt of India).
* Professional Qualification - M.A.(Dance), M.Phil.(Aesthetics),Ph.D. (Dance)
* Research Fellow of H.R.D.Govt. of India in Kuchipudi dance form.
* Research Fellow of Archives Dept. Govt. of A.P.
* Toured Abroad: Taipei, Honkong, Thailand, Dubai, Sharjah,
Malaysia, Singapore and Colombo.
* Publications: 1. ‘Puttaparthyvaari Shivatandavam-Natya Sastra Samanvayam’
2. ‘Steps to Liberate the steps’
* Founder-Guru of NRITYA DARPANAM, An organization to train up younger
Generation in the field of dance.
* Choreographed nearly 30 dance ballets right from Yakshagana Tradition to
contemporary apart from many solo performances.