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Harshita Soni

Artist Name: Harshita Soni
Place: Hyderabad


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Harshita started her training in Kuchipudi in 2000 and is blessed to have been trained under distinguished gurus like Srimathi Anupama Kylash, Srimathi Krishna Bharathi and Srimathi Sailaja Prasad. She has given several performances in India and the United States. She received a Certificate in Kuchipudi from Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University and is currently working on her Diploma.

Harshita dances because it brings her immense joy in expressing beautiful poetry and meaningful literature through graceful movements. It gives an opportunity to read, think, understand, connect, portray and present rich variety of mythological texts through nritta and abhinaya. Dance like all art forms can be used as a tool for creating social and cultural awareness and Harshita dreams of bringing about this change through her passion for dance.

Harshita is a woman of many talents - she is a yoga acharya and has worked with several environmental NGOs like Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston, Centre for Science and Environment, Watershed Organization Trust, CII – Green Business Centre