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Srilatha Suri

Artist Name: Smt Srilatha Suri
Place: DFW, TX, USA
Natyanjali Kuchipudi Dance School
Website: http://www.natyanjalius.com/

Phone: (001) 972-334-9609

Profile: http://www.natyanjalius.com/AboutSrilatha.html
Profile posted below with the permission of the artist

Srilatha is disciple of Padmasri Sobha Naidu, who is well known to lovers of Indian classical dance, especially to connoisseurs of the Kuchipudi dance form. Dr. Sobha Naidu has not only captivated audience around the world in the past. Rather, she is an originator of a cycle that will continue to inspire, influence and impact generations to come.

Srilatha Suri was initiated to dance by her art-loving parents, Late Sri. K. Doraiswamy and Smt. Premalatha. Her early training in Bharthanatyam under the tutelage of Smt. Jayalakshmi Narayan has been instrumental in inculcating dedication and discipline for seven years in Pandanallur style, concluding in her arrangetram in 1982. Srilatha Suri acquired a Recognition certification from the Andhra Pradesh Government. After watching Dr. Sobha Naidu’s scintillating performance, she was inspired to learn Kuchipudi and joined Dr. Sobha Naidu’s Kuchipudi Academy in Hyderabad, India Srilatha was taken under her wings by Padmasri. Dr. Sobha Naidu who then spotted Srilatha’s talent, abhinaya being her forte, chiseled a great career for Srilatha.

As a disciple of a much venerated guru as Padmasri Sobha Naidu, Smt. Srilatha Suri has experienced the awe-inspiring ecstasy that Kuchipudi offers to those who study it with great care and dedication.
After rigorous training, she was awarded yet another accolade “Natya Visharadha”. She gave several notable performances in India, traveled extensively with her guru to different countries, including a coast-to-coast expedition of the United States, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Srilatha Suri is the artistic director of Natyanjali Kuchipudi Dance School.


 Govt recogination certificate in Bharatnatyam 1980

•  Natyavisharada Kuchipudi art Academy Hyderabad 1984

•  Nritya Bharathi –Silicon Andhra 2002

•  Special recognition award –Tantex- Katrina fundraiser.2005

•  Special recognition award Silicon Andhra International Kuchipudi convention. 2008

•  Natya Mayuri Tantex AP flood relief fundraiser.2009

•  Recognition award from Tana –Sarvam Saimaam2010

•  Guinness Book of World Records 2008