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Aparna Lakshmi Logisetti

Artist Name: Aparna Lakshmi Logisetti
Place: Minnesota
Youtube: Channel

Email : logisettiaparna@gmail.com
Phone : +1 3097523988
Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist:

About Me:
Having a long passion for DANCE, trained by Guru Indraja as part of School Extra circular activities and started to pursue the art form Kuchipudi at age 11 and continued 6 years with many performances and received applauds from Local community. Then after I have been extensively trained under Srimathi Addepalli Vijaya Lakshmi Garu. I have been working as a “Hadoop Project Lead” at UNITED HEALTH GROUP(UHG) from 10 years and in parallel continuing my passion towards “KUCHIPUDI”.

About Guru:
Guru Smt.Addepalli Vijaya Lakshmi garu is a renowned kuchipudi dancer,choreographer and composer from Telangana India.  She herself was a disciple of Nageswara sarama garu and chintha krishna murthy garu in kuchipudi and subramanyam pillai garu in Bharatanatyam. Many students have been trained and have given 50+ arangetram. Many of her disciples are also teaching in India as well as abroad. She won the government talent award in year 1978-1979.  She was also teaching other forms of classical dances like Bharatanatyam, Andhra Natyam and Folk.

Dance Qualification:
Kuchipudi Certified from Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University

Under Guru Addepalli vijaya Lakshmi , have performed many stage performances in Telangana, India. like Ravindrabharathi, Shilpakalavedika, Lalithakala Thoranam, Shilparamam, AshtaLakshmi temple etc.

In Abroad, have given 28 performances in various organizations like ATA, TEAM, MATA, UNIVERSAL DANCE DESTINY etc in 3 years in states Chicago, North Carolina and Minnesota. At present I have settled in Minnesota. Also acquired “Natyamanjari” first place for year 2014 conducted by “SV Temple Edina, MN”

Played roles :
Satyabhama in Bhamakalapam,
Devi in Mahishasuramardhini,
Putana in Puthana Moksham,

Lord Shiva in Shiva Tandavam

Dance choreography:
Have choreographed kuchipudi dances like Anamacharya keerthanas Muddugare, Itti mudduladi, Chakkani Talliki

Dance dramas like Ramayana, Puthana Moksha

Many Semi-classical dances

Classical With HULA HOOLA:
I have started using the Hoop as part of weigh lost program in 2013. I got inspired by various Hoop weight loss activities in YouTube. Practicing myself from starting point, to atleast to stand by the hoop, slowly learned step by step Hooping. I have noticed, many weight loss programs are depend up on the western Music and Hooping according to the Music. That is the first Idea, I ever think about to replace the western Music with Indian Classical Music. From then it increased my passion more to Dance. Thanks to Hoop.

Being very passionate to Kuchipudi Dance form and as a dance lover, “Tarangam-A dream to dance” originated where it provides the training of “KUCHIPUDI” which follows to Syllabus. Also this dance group offers Fusion/Semi-classical” dance forms for interested.

Few KUCHIPUDI performances: