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Samidha Satyam

Artist Name: Smt Samidha Satyam
Place: Bay Area, CA, USA
School/Organization: Sanskaar School Of Dance

Phone - (001) 510-432-0008


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Samidha Satyam one of the prominent exponent of Guru Padmabhushan Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam is hailed as a creative artist, who brings every one of her items, a depth, intensity and naturalness which makes her not only a paragon among dances but the essence of dance itself.

She has given this age-old art form a new dimension without compromising its traditional Poetry or dramatic sensibility with rare excellence and perfection of technique. Her dance is distinguished for its exquisite abhinaya (mime), flawless sense of rhythm, depth, emotional range, sensitivity and classical purity.
She is an accomplished young artiste who has given performances in India and abroad like UK, USA, CANADA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, SOUTHAFRICA, SINGAPORE and almost toured all over the world. She is an active participant of her Gurus Dance Ballets like Ardhanareeswaram, Ksheerasagara Mathanam, Shakuntalam, Annamayya, Gopika Krishna, etc., and had been widely acclaimed and commendably revealed by many art critics. The Guinness World Records was achieved during the International kuchipudi convention held in Cupertino CA on 21st June 2008. She accompanied Padmabhushan Mrs. swapna sundari, sponsored by I.C.C.R. (Indian Council for Cultural Relations), (Department of Culture) to South Africa, Malaysia and Canada. Accompanied Guru Ms. Sailaja in May 2004 sponsored by I.C.C.R. (Indian Council for Cultural Relations), (Department of Culture) to South Africa and Malaysia. She completed her master’s and bachelor’s degree in Kuchipudi dance from P.S. Telugu University, India.


After she moved to California, she is continuing her dance school named Sanskaar School of classical dance. SANSKAAR SCHOOL OF DANCE has been established in Jan 2008.Sanskaar school is particularly known for its unique approach of personal teaching and individual care by the guru themselves in passing on the knowledge to students. Our aim is to create an environment in which the student and teacher can work together to help the student gain poise, grace, confidence, self-esteem, and appreciation for the art of dance. We look forward to making you as the dance family. The main aim of the dance is to spread Indian heritage and culture. Currently the school has 3 branches in Fremont, Sunnyvale and Cupertino.