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Abhiram Mahankali

Artist Name: Abhiram Mahankali
Place: Hyderabad
Kuchipudi Nrutya Kala Bhavan
Website: Link
Youtube: Link

Email : ms.nivas10@gmail.com
Phone : +91 8143120330

H.No: 1-8-470, 
Near Sri Venkateswara swamy temple,
Telangana - 500020

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist:

Abhiram Mahankali belongs to a traditional family of Kuchipudi Dance, the Classical Art Form of Andhra Pradesh. Born to Sri.Mahankali Mohan and Smt.Lalitha he was blessed to learn Kuchipudi under the tutelage of his father, the great master of Kuchipudi Dance, “Nrutya Sutradhara”, “Narthana Viraat”, Sri.Mahankali Mohan. At a very young age of six, he began to learn the Kuchipudi dance at the “Kuchipudi Nritya Kala Bhavan” an institute founded by his father/guru Sri.Mahankali Mohan. He has also learnt Karnatic Violin under the tutelage of Sri.Ashok Gurjale, Key Board under the tutelage of Sri.G.V.Prabhakar and Karnatic Vocal under the tutelage of Sri.Gopinath Rao.

Though Abhiram Mahankali has completed his Master’s in Communication Journalism from Sri Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, Hyd. In 2015, dedicating himself to this art form, he is desirous of obtaining mastery in Kuchipudi dance. He has given performances at various places under Gurus Sri.Mahankali Mohan, Dr.Sri.Pasumarthy Seshu Babu, Sri.Pasumarthy Venkateswara Sarma. He was also a scholarship holder from CCRT, a Central Government Organization, in the field of Kuchipudi Dance.

Abhiram Mahankali has participated in a Competition conducted by Samskara Bharati and won first prize. He has also won the first prize, in the competitions organized by Gayathri Seva Samithi for two consecutive years. He has participated in many of the school and college annual day celebrations and extra circular events. He had also performed in various dance ballets choreographed by renowned Kuchipudi Dancers Sri.Mahankali Mohan, Dr.Sri.P.Seshu Babu, Sri.P.Venkateswara Sarma. Abhiram played keen role as Suthradhara and as dancer in 12th and 13th Annual celebrations of Kuchipudi Nritya Kala Bhavan and won many laurels. He was silver medaled by Golden Star Cutlrual Association on Children’s Day celebrations in 2002. He was also awarded with “Bala Prathibha” award by Surya Chandra Cultural Association in the same year (2002). He was also awarded with the title “Bala Sutradhara Siromani” by Golden Star cultural association. He played an active role in the Annual Celebrations of “Viswa Vani Music School”. He has also took part in the District Youth Festival organized by the Andhra Pradesh State Youth Welfare Department in 2003. He has participated in the “Sidhendra Yogi Kuchipudi Nritya Mahotsav” festival at Kuchipudi Village, Krishna District. After his father Sri.Mahankali Mohan’s demise in 2012, he’s trying his best to maintain the balance between his academics and his passion for the Art Form and like his Father and Grand Father, Abhiram took the responsibility of taking this Art Form further and continuing the tradition and the legacy given by his ancestors.