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Sona Nair

Artist Name: Sonia Nair
Place: Perth, Australia
Abhinaya School of Kuchipudi Dance

Email : soniabimal@yahoo.com
Phone : +61 8 9354 9170 ; +61 401 510 350

38 Hawford Way, Willetton
Western Australia 6155

Profile & pictures posted with permission from the artist

Sonia was drawn to dance after witnessing performances of many great dancers while she was a toddler. She learned Indian Classical dance styles of BharataNatyam, Kuchipudi and Mohiniyattam at a very young age. She returned with top honours in several competitions and won appreciation in many dance festivals. Since her true passion was for Kuchipudi, Sonia moved to New Delhi to train under the renowned Kuchipudi dancing duo Guru Jaya Rama Rao and Smt. Vanashree Rao. She has performed widely in India and abroad. She was Chitrangada in Tagore’s ballet ‘Chitrangada’ performed along with her Gurus.

Sonia, M.Sc and M.Phil holder in Science, has also shown her prowess in acting. Her endearing lead role in the Kerala state award winning Malayalam hit film, Ennennum Kannetante, earned her critical acclaim and popular appeal. She came up with a stellar performance in the state award winning TV serial, Shararanthal in 1991. Sonia’s dancing talent was acknowledged by the Govt. of India when she received the National Scholarship for young artists in 1995 and Junior fellowship in 2000. Her performances are marked by grace and dedication towards art. She was awarded the prestigious ‘Kalaprathibha’ title in 1990 by Mahatma Gandhi University. She has been invited judge for several youth festivals.

Sonia is currently pursuing her doctorate in Performing arts with WAAPA, Perth

Important Dance Recitals

2011       ‘Noopura Dhwani’
2009       Kerala Piravi, Soorya Festival, Perth
2009       Navarathri Celebration, Hindu Temple, Perth
2009       Sruthy, Adelaide
2007       ‘Samarppanam’, thematic performance, Lady Wardle Performing       
               Arts Centre, Perth
2006       Soorya Festival, Trivandrum, Kerala
2006       Swaralaya Festival Palackad, Kerala
2006       CSN cultural Festival, Ottappalam, Kerala
2005       Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane
2004       Marrie Mac auditorium, Brisbane
2004       Kel Watson Theatre, Forest Hill, Melbourne
2003       Indo-Srilankan Day, Clayton Hall, Melbourne
2003       ‘Chitrangada’ Ballet, Delhi Tourism, Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi
2003       ‘Chitrangada’ Ballet, Habitat Centre, New Delhi
2002       Vrischika Mahotsavam, New Delhi
2001       HCL Concert Series, Habitat Centre, New Delhi
2001       India International Centre, New Delhi
2001       Siddendra Kalashetram, Kuchipudi Village, Andhra Pradesh
2001       ‘Alliance Francise’, New Delhi
2000       EXPO-2000, Hanover, Germany
2000       SPIC-Macay Lecture Demonstration, Delhi
2000       ‘Dakshinotsav’, Dilli Haat, New Delhi
1999       ‘Tyagaraja Music-Dance Festival, New Delhi
1998       Kerala Tourism Festival, Kochi, Kerala
1995       Konark Festival, Konark, Orisssa
1995       ‘Andhra Day Celebrations, New Delhi                                 
1990      UNIFEST,Madras                                                                                                          ………..to name a few.          

Press Reviews
Sonia succeeded in reaching out to the audience, with various roles played by women in life .Whether old items or new, the success lies in the selection of themes for the type of audience. The effective communication, convincing interpretation, and captivating choreography resulted in an exquisite piece; VandeMataram. Major social evils were portrayed with ease. Indus Age        

Sonia’s abhinaya was beautiful and expressive, drawing the audience into the mood effortlessly. Sonia came through flying colours, weaving intricate patterns with the brass plate, covering the stage from left to right, back to front with pot full of water on her head, in Tarangam.- MELBOURNE NEWS

Sonia admirably presented abhinaya with elan. I believe Sonia has succeeded in transporting us to a delightful experience by her fabulous performance.-INDIAN VOICE, Melbourne.

‘Sonia acquitted herself creditably both abstract dance and abhinaya being presented with finished elegance. If sensitive interpretative dance is a measure of the dancer’s growth, Sonia came out with flying colours. Her dance techniques is flawless’THE HINDU

‘Sonia proved her proficiency in a range of Kuchipudi numbers. The concluding Tarangam showed her skill in energetic footwork with the brass plate, and rhythmic control’- HINDUSTAN TIMES

‘Her charming and photogenic stage presence and her ability to strike a good rapport with the audience came to the fore. The crisp footwork and agile postures showed that plenty of hard work has gone into maximizing these gifts’ - THE STATESMAN

‘Sonia’s Tarangam was a very disciplined presentation, the dancer’s footwork and dancing on a brass plate bringing out all the rhythm patterns with correct accenting and emphasis. Movements with the araimandi and stances profiles correctly, has uncluttered neatness’THE HINDU