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Ravali RMV

Artist Name: Ravali RMV
Place: Hyderabad

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Ravali is a Kuchipudi Danseuse who has been pursuing Kuchipudi dance for the past 8 years. She had learnt Kuchipudi from Gurus Lakshmi Bhavani and Ardhanaareswaram Venkat. 

Learnt Kuchipudi from Guru Lakshmi Bhavani, USA (formerly Hyderabad)

Lakshmi Bhavani is a performer, teacher, and follower of the Indian Classical Dance form – Kuchipudi with over 15 years of experience in training aspiring students in this beautiful dance form.

Learnt Kuchipudi at NrityaDarpana, Hyderabad
Guru Dr. ‘Ardhanareeswaram’ Venkat

NRITYA DARPANA is an institute working for reflecting the contemporary talent in the Kuchipudi tradition of Indian Classical Dance. Founded by ‘Ardhanareeswaram’ Venkat (MudapakaVenkateswaraRao), the well-known young performer and researcher in Kuchipudi Dance, known for his revival and numerous performances of rare items like Ardhanareeswearam across the length and breadth of the country


·         Performed in Ravindra Bharathi, Thyagaraja gana sabha, Shilparamam of Hyderabad
·         Performed in Seva Sadan, Prapancha Telugu Mahasabhalu, Bangalore
·         Dance Ballet Festival, Hyderabad
·         Participated in Ballets like Kaalika Vijayam, Sripadaarchana, Om Shakti

·         Conducted by Bharata Bharati Foundation by Sri Vedantam Ramachandra Vara Prasad garu, Bangalore


·         Performed as well as choreographed Gujarati, Folk and other forms.
·         Won state level competition (Inter school).
·         Youth Festival - 2001, District Youth Welfare Office, Ranga Reddy District
·         “ Yuva Utsav 2002 “ State Youth Festival, Government of Andhra