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Padmini Sripathi

Artist Name: Smt Padmini Sripathi
Place: Coppell, Texas, USA
School/Organization: Center for Kuchipudi Art


Email : centerforkuchipudiart@gmail.com
Phone : (001) (256) 400-1053

Profile posted wiith permission from the artist.

Born in Machilipatnam; took to dance from a very young age and did her Rangapravesam at the age of 10 years. She received training under Yeleswarapu Nageswara Sarma, and Yeleswarapu Purnachandra Rao. She won prizes several times from Andhra Pradesh Balala Academy’s district level competitions. She is also an awardee in All India Kuchipudi competitions conducted by Akhilabharata Kuchipudi Natya Mandali and received praises from renowned Kuchipudi exponents. She accompanied her gurus in several performances and became a role model and a challenge to many artists. She performed in several dance ballets in lead roles such as, Sutradhari; Sita in Seeta Rama Kalyanam; Parvathi in Girija Kalyanam; and Rukmini in Rukmini Kalyanam. She is an original thinker and has choreographed many classical and contemporary dances throughout her career. She has been training future generation of Kuchipudi artistes in the USA since 1997. She founded Center for Kuchipudi Art in Huntsville, Alabama with a mission to share the beauty, complexity and depth of Kuchipudi to the future generations in multi-cultural societies through regular training, focused camps, and organized performances.

Article written by Padmini