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Pallavi Kumar

Artist Name: Pallavi Kumar
Place: Houston, Texas

Phone :

Pallavi Dance Academy
7614 Redmond Ct,
Sugarland, TX – 77479

Profile & Pictures posted with permission from the artist .

Born with an inherent sense of rhythm, Pallavi’s parents Sri V.V.Subba Rao & Smt. Jyothi discovered her artistic talent and initiated her into dance at age of 3 under the able guidance of Padmasri Bharata Kalaprapoorna Dr.Nataraja Ramakrishna, a guru, scholar and musicologist who propagated Classical Dance in Andhra Pradesh for the past 60 years. Very soon, Pallavi was deemed ready by her Guru to perform RangaPravesham or Dancers solo debut on stage in 1980. As a child, Pallavi participated in several regional & national dance competitions and won several accolades. Pallavi cherishes fond memories of Master garu through her toddler years for his unconditional love & affection. Pallavi is eternally indebted and interminably grateful for Master garu’s inception into the world of dance!

Pallavi further groomed her talent in the dance styles of Bharathanatyam & Kuchipudi under the tutelage of “Sri Kalapoorna” Dr.K.Uma Rama Rao, Dancer, Choreographer, Research Scholar, Author and Director of Lasya Priya, Centre for higher learning & Research. Uma Rama Rao’s personalized and comprehensive training empowered Pallavi to take the strikingly different dance forms – Bharathanatyam & Kuchipudi to diverse audience by participating in several prestigious programs all over India. Pallavi featured in major leading roles in several dance dramas choreographed by her guru.

Her further training under Sri Vedantam Raghava helped her gain deep conviction and faith in the power of dance and in this process made her discover her own creative potential. Sri Vedantam Raghava has given Pallavi an opportunity to explore the technique from several analytical and methodological frameworks resulting in a rigorous balance between creative work and academic study.  

Pallavi had a unique opportunity to learn quintessential nuances of abhinaya in Kuchipudi Yakshaganas, Padams & Javalis from “Sangeetha Yakshagana KalaPrapoorna” & “Yakshagana Vibhushan” Guru Sri Pasumarthy Venugopala Krishna Sarma, fondly known as “PVG”. She humbly treasures her association with this legendary guru who unveiled the subtleties of abhinaya by his precise enactment of role whether it was a Nayika, Sathyabhama, Usha or Banasura bearing testimony to the fact that the abhinaya is not merely a gestural language but it is the expression of intrinsic moods, rasas and meanings of the lyrics. His simple story telling technique, agility and technical clarity made her training emotional, artistic, enriching and rewarding.

She attended workshops conducted by Sri Pasumarthy Venugopala Sarma (Kuchipudi), Dr.Kanak Rele (Mohini Attam), Dr.C.V.Chandrasekhar ( Bharathanatyam ),   Priyadarshini Govind ( Bharathanatyam ), Bharath Sarma ( Contemparary ). 

She accomplished Master's in Performing Arts with specialization in Kuchipudi dance from Central University, Hyderabad. She received the titles of “NatyaBala (1982) & “Natya Mayuri” (1992) and was chosen to receive the “Vamsee Ugadi Puraskar” (2007) 

Pallavi had performed research on “Gollakalapam – Its Philosophy” for her thesis for Master’s in Performing Arts that gave her the precious opportunity to work closely with legendary Kuchipudi stalwarts Padmasri Guru Sri Vedantam Sathyanarayana Sarma, “Yakshagana Vibhushan” Guru Sri Pasumarthy Venugopala Sarma, Sri Pasumarthy Rattaih Sarma, Sri Chintalapudi PurnaChandra Rao, Sri B.L.Narsimham. A critically acclaimed soloist in Bharathanatyam & Kuchipudi, Pallavi performed to various audiences at several prestigious platforms in India, North America, Canada and Muscat.