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Bhagavathula Srinivasa Sarma

Artist Name: Sri Bhagavathula Srinivasa Sarma
Place: Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
School/Organization: Sri Sai Ram Nrutya Art Acadamy

Email : srinivassarmabhagavathul@gmail.com
Phone : (91) 0866 2430019, 9848124752, 9912025476

Bhagavathula Srinivasa Sarma
Sri Sai Ram Nrutya Acadamy
Door NO. 31-3-6A,
Massiz Stret, Ist lane,
Besides Vishnu Appartments,

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist

Natyacharya Sri.Bhagavathula Srinivasa Sarma comes from the line age of Kuchipudi exponents family the Name Bhagavathula it self is a land mark for Kuchipudi tradition.Srinivas Sarma was born to Guru Sri Bhagavathula Yagnanarayana Sarma an awarde of THAGUR RATNA PURASKAR for his  dedicated services to Kuchipudi dance and Smt Lakshmi Tulasi Brindavana daughter of Kuchipudi legendary Sri Mahankali SatyaNarayana Sarma reknown for his Banasura,HirnyaKasyapa and many Yaksha gana roles. 

Srinivas Sarma has completed his Masters Degree in Public Administration, Diplom's in Mridangam,Kuchipudi, Certificate in Bharata Natyam, Type and Short Hand higher levels in Telugu and English and appointed in cultural quota at S.C.Rly  Vijayawada.

Srinivasa Sarma got initited in Kuchipudi Dance under the tutorship of Guru Padmabhushan Dr.Vempati Chinna Satyam garu. He is talented as an artist, teacher and as a choreographer of many dance ballets.As an artist he performed in Kuchipudi under the training of Balakka and Guru Dr.Vempati Chinna Satyam garu's dance ballet KSHEERA SAGARA MADHANAM conducted by SIDDHHENDRA KALAKSHETRAM in the year 1984. In Kuchipudi tradition of dance Srinivas has performed in all the Three kinds of performances Namely Solos YAKSHAGANAS  and Nrutya Natikas.