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Abhinaya Nagajothy

Artist Name: Abhinaya Nagajothy
Place: New Delhi, India

Email: dancingabhinaya@gmail.com

Phone: (91)  8826623499    

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist

Abhinaya Nagajothy, daughter and disciple of Guru Seetha Nagajothy and Guru P. Nagajothy started dancing at a very tender age. Gifted with spontaneity and remarkable stage presence, she won many hearts since her initial performance at British Embassy at the age of 5. Her expressive eyes and slim physique leaves and ever lasting impact on the minds of connoisseurs. She won CCRT scholarship at zonal level from Government of India and moved on to win the senior scholarship at national level from Ministry of Culture, government of India. She is also recognized as grade “A” Doordarshan artist. She entered the Guinness Book of World Records after participating at International Kuchipudi Convention 2010. Delhi Tamil Sangam noticing her keen zest and dedication to propagate Kuchipudi, conferred upon her the title “Natya Yuva Mani” in 2011. Apart from holding a certificate of distinction in Kuchipudi by PSR University, she is also been titled as “Nritya Paripoorna” by APKA Society.

She has travelled to Spain representing Kuchipudi at Splendors of India Festival organized by Bilabo’s Hotel Carlton. She performed with senior Kuchipudi artists at the inauguration of Indian Cultural Center, Kuala Lumpur through ICCR.  She performed at Birmingham’s Lord Venkateshwara temple during the MahaKumbabhishekam Festival. She made India proud by performing at Hull, England during the celebration of Indian Independence day. Dr. Ashok Pathak, an art lover and an authority of Hull hospital praised her, “Abhinaya is a good ambassador of Kuchipudi”. Sri RR Swain, Consul of Indian High Commission of Birmingham who graced the occasion also praised her Abhinayam. Over the years she has excelled in expressions. Daily newspaper Enadu quoted, “AbhinayamAdharaho”.  Pranam India newspaper quoted “Abhinaya won standing laurels”. The Hindu quoted her to be the “Torch bearer of Kuchipudi”. The Statesman quoted, “Expressions of Smarasundaranguni Javali was scintillating”. Pranam India quoted, “Ms.Abhinaya Nagajothy’s group cast a spell on the audiences with a scintillating Kuchipudi dance and the auditorium replied back with claps of applause.”

Amongst her other noted performances like Delhi International Art Festival, Indradhanush Festival, Ananya Festival, Jhansi Ayurved Festival, CHaba Dance Festival, Rukmini Devi Arundale Festival, International Federation of Kuchipudi Artists Festival, etc. she was immensely appreciated for her solo performance at Sangeet Natak Academy’s Nritya Pratibha at Jammu.

She took her first step towards Indian cinemas when she was noticed by RGV banners that featured her in major role in Telugu Movie Usuru.

She is currently assisting her parents in conducting classes and workshops under Abhinaya Praneetha Kuchipudi Art Society (regd.). She aims to propagate Kuchipudi and establish a university dedicated to this purpose in future.

Abhinaya’s parents have been a source of inspiration since her childhood. She grew up surrounded with her Gurus propagating the art. She observed the training imparted to her seniors like Jalaja Kumar, Papiha Desai, Kanaka Sudhakar, Lakshmi Natu, AnupamaSista, Amrita Lahiri and many more at her Delhi residence.

Her mother Guru Seetha Nagajothy is a reputed Kuchipudi Guru. She was trained in Gurukul system from the Kuchipudi Maestro Padmabhushan Dr. VempatiChinna Satyam. She assisted him in many of his choreographies like dance drama Menaka Vishwamitra, Chandalika etc. She was the first one to perform the Hindolam Thillana at her Rangapravesham under Guru Dr. Vempati Garu. She taught for more than 15 years at the Kuchipudi Art Academy, Chennai. Abhinaya’s father Guru P. Nagajothy also learnt at the Kuchipudi Art Academy inspite of this strict regime at Indian Air Force.

After marriage, the duo settled at Delhi establishing Abhinaya Praneetha Kuchipudi Art Society (regd.) in the 80’s. Since then they have been propagating this art form without compromising the unique Vempati style. Many of their disciples have performed worldwide and are critically acclaimed. They have trained numerous students who are now receiving various scholarships for dance. They continue the tradition through bringing their daughter and disciples in a strict Guru Sishya Parampara.