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Uma Vyjayanthimala Kallakuri

Artist Name: Smt.Dr.Uma Vyjayanthimala Kallakuri
Place: Bloomington, Illinois, USA
Nrityamala Academy
Website(s): http://www.nrityamala.in/home.html

uma.nrityamala@gmail.com ; info@nrityamala.in
Phone: (001) 309-661-9371

Nrityamala Dance Academy,
37 Bandacon Way,

Profile: http://www.nrityamala.in/director.html
Posted below with permission from the artist

Dr.Uma Vyjayanthimala Kallakuri - M.A. English,M.A.History and Ph.D:Dance and Yoga A comparative study is an internationally well known performer, master choreographer, ideologist, dance historian, a revered senior teacher, Founder and Artistic Director of “Nrityamala Dance Academy”. She is a child prodigy winning several awards and honors including the Gold Medal in All India classical dance competitions and Best Teacher honor.
She underwent rigorous training with great veteran masters “Natya Visarada” late Sri Vempati Kodandaramasastry, Late Sri A.U.R. Somayajulu, “Bharatakalanidhi” Smt. Dr. K. Uma Ramarao, international guru late Sri C.R. Acharya in Indian classical dance styles like Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam, and Temple dances. Dr. Uma is known for preserving and performing the special items where the dancer draws the pictures of Lion and Peacock with feet while dancing. Having 2 Master of Arts degrees in English and History she conducts thought provoking workshops, lecture demonstrations and teaches Indian dance courses at several Universities in USA and India. Dr. Uma gives lectures and paper presentations at seminars and conferences. Her performances as an ‘A’ grade artist are recorded and telecast frequently by the National TV network, India. She was conferred the title ‘SINGARMANI’ by the prestigious association Sur Singar Samsad, Bombay, India. Uma is an empanelled artist of ICCR - Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Government of India.
She performed extensively in India, Sultanate of Oman, U.A.E, Japan and U.S.A in National and International conferences and dance festivals. With over 1000 performances to her credit she establishes instant rapport with the audience and her depiction of epic stories are always memorable to the spectators. Her accomplishments include authorship of several published articles on Indian classical dance and yoga. She was awarded PHD for her thesis “Natya and Yoga – A Comparative Study” by the prestigious ‘Sree Pottisreeramulu Telugu University’, Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh, India.
Dr. Uma is a consummate artist combining the skills of a performer, choreographer, teacher, and scholar with a rare combination of service activism raising funds for the Hindu temples and local charities like Red Cross, Salvation Army homeless shelter, Old Age Homes, Cancer center foundation through initiating, organizing and participating in performances, Indian cooking, henna painting, yoga and dance workshops etc