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Artist Name: AchutaManasa
Place: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Website(s): http://www.achutamanasa.in/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Achutamanasa

Phone: (91) 9494228877; 9866184802

Profile:  http://www.achutamanasa.in/myprofile.htm
Posted below with permission from the artist

Achutamanasa was born into a family of love for social service and Indian culture. At a tender age of 6 years her mother Smt.Rajyalakshmi, out of her own interest though initiated her into Carnatic vocal, one fine evening Achutamanasa got fascinated towards the rhythmic sounds of “muvvalu”(Classical Dance anklets)   on her way to the music class and  made her  divert the way from music class towards the sounds  and finally reach the destination “KUCHIPUDI” and was awestruck. At a very tender age, looking at the dance class she cried on road itself asking her mother to make her join in ‘that’ class immediately, that is none other than the most versatile art form of  Andhra Pradesh that belongs to India is “KUCHIPUDI”. This is how her journey started in to the world of  KUCHIPUDI with the complete encouragement of her mother who herself is an art lover and  her father Ravi Chandra who gave a great support to pursue KUCHIPUDI under Guru Madhu Nirmala for few months  who taught few basic steps. With 16+ years of experience by now Achutamanasa performed 300+ solo KUCHIPUDI recitals at various prestigious platforms in and across the country and bagged many awards from several organizations, audience and critics as well. Achutamanasa was laid with a strong foundation from her guru Sri Mahankali Suryanarayanasarma  for 3years and later was moulded  as a complete KUCHIPUDI artiste by  guru “Devaparijatham”, ”Rajahamsa”, ”Natyavisaradha” Guru Sri K.V.Subrahmanyam (who is her present guru ), a disciple of  the legend Guru Sri. Dr.Vempati ChinnaSatyam and Guru Sri Chintha Adhinarayanasarma.

Achutamanasa learnt Bharatanatyam (Pandhanallur) under Guru Sri Dr.Devendhra Pillai, Head of the dance department, S.V. Dance and Music College, Tirupathi. She is learning Kathak (Lucknow gharana) right now under Guru Sri.Pandit Anjubabu, Kathak exponent, Kathak kala Kshethra Hyderabad. She learnt Carnatic vocal, light music from guru Sri M.S Balasubrahmanyam,Sri.N.C.Buchacharyulu etc,.and She is learning Violin from Smt.Nagasaraswati She is very much good at painting, especially M.S Paint (which is done with the movement of mouse on computer screen) and Oil paintings as well. She learnt Janapadham while in schooling itself. She won several sports championships in tennikoit and shuttle while in schooling. She does Choreography, which she started at age the of 12.She also does photography as one of her interests amongst all.
Achutamanasa, a KUCHIPUDI danseuse is a dedicated student of this splendor versatile art form. She brings her dance a complete selfeffacement, lyrical beauty of movements, and the most beautiful part of Achutamanasa’s KUCHIPUDI is the way she connects  the hearts rather souls of audience (whoever views her dance),  through abhinaya and make them respond to her “Navarasas-expressions.” Sathvikabhinaya” is one of the main hallmark of  Achutamanasa. She performed in Srivari and Padmavathi Karthika Brahmotsavams for 3 and 14 years respectively from years 1996 to 2010. This is the most prestigious and luckiest part of her life than many other awards which would just give materialistic happiness but not pure soul touching moments for her service in KUCHIPUDI. She knew 75+ annamacharya keerthanas only, along with the traditional items of KUCHIPUDI. She is a graduate in Btech(CSE) with distinction, a 2009 passed out got placed in TCS. She’s on her way to services.