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Swathi Gundapuneedi

Artist Name: Smt Swathi Gundapuneedi
Place: New Jersey, USA
School/Organization: Siddhendra
Kuchipudi Art Academy
Website(s): http://www.kuchipudiartacademy.com/

Email:- kuchipudi_usa@yahoo.com

Phone: (001) 732- 429-2948

Below information is a courtesy from http://www.kuchipudiartacademy.com/swathi.htm

Swathi started learning Kuchipudi Dance at the age of 5. She has completed Rangapravesam in very short period of time, at the tender age of 7. She has been actively pursuing her interest in Kuchipudi over the last 30 years. She has been teaching Kuchipudi for the last 15 years. 

She runs a school in NJ called “Siddhendra Kuchipudi Art Academy” which is dedicated to have a new generation of dancers who will serve and spread this art all over the world. Swathi has performed all over India, participating in many prestigious dance festivals and shows. She has toured and performed in major cities in USA, Canada and Australia. She has portrayed many characters in dance ballets. Hers active interest in dance is reflected in her ongoing great dance performances. She is guiding her sons Hanish Polavarapu and Manish Polavarapu in her footsteps to pursue this art form. She is a versatile artist and has performed as numerous leading characters in many productions.

 She is very well known for her performance in “Bhakta Prahalada” as Hiranya Kashipa and as Keechaka in “Keechaka Vadha”. She also took part in production of “Kuchipudi Art Academy, Chennai” for 2008 “Dance Festival of Music Academy”, in Chennai under the able guidance of Guru Sri Vempati Ravishankar. She has conducted various works shops for her students. She and 32 of her students have been a part of the Guinness Book of Records creation in 2008, in California.
Swathi had the privilege of learning from Guru’s like Sri Satya Kumar, Vendantam RadheShyam and Sri Vempati Ravishankar Garu. With her first own dance piece choreographed at the age of 16, Swathi has much choreography to her credit.

Ballets Choreographed by Guru Swathi Gundapuneedi
  • Hari Keertanacharya Annamaya
  • Siva Ganga
  • Ayyappa Saranam
  • Mohini Bhasmasuram
  • Geeta Govindam