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Keerthana Sidhaye

Artist Name: Smt Keerthana Sidhaye
Place: Washington DC, USA
School/Organization: Kalamandapam
Website(s): http://www.kalamandapam.org/

Email: info@kalamandapam.org
Phone: (001) 410 522-3399

Profile: http://www.kalamandapam.org/about.html#Keerthana_Sidhaye
Posted below with permission from the artist

Keerthana Sidhaye is the current Director of Kalamandapam. She has studied classical dance from the age of four from her mother, Mrs. Sadananda and later was a disciple of Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam, having spent nearly every summer of her school age years in Chennai.  She will always be indebted to the Nambiar family for taking her in as a daughter.  Although, she had been in Chicago for several years, she continued to participate in almost every major production of Kalamandapam.  Aside from performances around the world, she has had several lead roles in our productions and she enjoys being able to play a variety of roles from male deities, to damsels in distress, and even a fortune-teller performing a folk dance. Keerthana is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.