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Vedantam Siddhendra Varaprasad

Artist Name:
Sri Vedantam
Siddhendra Varaprasad

Place: Hyderabad, India

Plot No.47
D.No. 2-3-583
Sai Nagar Colony
Road No. 1

Phone: (91) 9885643225Email: siddhendra_vedantam@yahoo.com

Profile & photos posted with permission of the artist.

Vedantam Siddhendra Varaprasad belongs to traditional kuchipudi dance family. He was born on 24th  August 1987. Son of Sri Vedantam Radhesyam, Siddhendra started training in kuchipudi at the young age of six from his father Guru Vedantam Radhesyam. He has completed his certificate and diploma cource in kuchipudi dance and also yakshaganam diploma from P.S.Telugu univ, Siddhendra Kalapeetham, Kuchipudi.  After he completed MBA, he is following the heritage of his fathers and fore fathers as a singer, performer, nattuvanar and teacher.
As a performer he gave more than hundred solo and ballet performances. Siddhendra played major male and female roles in yakshaganas and kalapas since his childhood.  Some of the roles played by him are  
·         Prahalada, Leelavati, Nrisimha, Vetrahasta in Prahalada Yakshaganam,  
·         Siva, Tarakasura, Manmadha in Parvati Parinayam
·         Gollabhama in Gollakalapam
·         Krishna in Bhama Kalapam etc and
·         Solo performances like Sasavatara Sabdam, Tyagaraya Pancharatna Keertana, Ashtapadi, Sivashtakam Narayaneeyam and many other with ease.
Siddhendra has certificates of appreciations and rewards for his performances.
·         Certificate of appreciation from CCRT, Govt of india
·         Performance of Gollakalapam in the event of Nritya Pratibha youth festival conducted by Sangeet Natak Akademi on April 6’th 2011
·         Certificate of appreciation by the prestigious Guinness book of world records for the performeance of kuchipudi dance item "athana jatiswaram" and performance of Bhakta Prahalada Yakshaganam at the international kuchipudi dance convention conducted by Silicon Andhra, Cupertino, CA, USA.
·         Participated in opening ceremony of 29,th world Common Wealth Games 2010 for the event of kuchipudi dance  .