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Hemamalini Manju

Artist Name: Hemamalini Manju
Place: Irving, Texas
School/Organization: Nritya Upasana

Email : hemamalinimanju@hotmail.com  
Phone : (001) 602 281 5163 ; 602 354 7788

8657 N MacArthur Blvd , Apt 1094 
Irving TX 75063

Profile & Pictures posted with permission from the artist

Professional Objective
To spread the Art of the Kuchipudi Classical Dance Form to as many people and to as many places in India and abroad and to maintain the cultural identify of this country to which it is famous for.

Professional Summary
·      A Master of Performing Arts degree holder from the Central University Hyderabad.
·      Highly accomplished Kuchipudi Classical Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer and Author.
·      15 years of association with Guru, Padmabhushan, Dr.Vempati Chinna Satyam.
·      ICCR empanelled established Artist.
·      Professional consultancy to the Cultural department, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh to produce dance ballets to be presented on various occasions.
·      Performed at major festivals across India and abroad in USA, Canada, Germany Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.
·      Choreographed and presented 9 ballets till now and received acclaim and appreciation.

Also proficient in folk dance, carnatic music and yoga. Uses these skills to teach along with Dance.

Major Performances:
·         Performed in Japan and South Korea in Oct-Nov 2009 representing ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural relations)
·         The US and Canada tour along with the Guru in 1994 during which all major items were performed in about 60 US cities over 4 months
·         The Performances given at the Festival of India in Germany in 1992
·         Performances in all major cities of Indonesia during 2001
·         Performed at Khajuraho Festival at the Khajuraho Temple along with Guru Dr. Vempati.
·         Performed at Sangeet Natak Academy Festivals along with Guru.
·         Performances at the Kuchipudi festivals held in different places all over the country.
·         Konark Festival at Konark Temple in Bhuvaneswar
·         Surya Festival in Kerala
·         Vengi Festival and Millineum festival in Andhra Pradesh
·         Mamallapuram Festival in Mahabalipuram
·         Other important festivals all over India
·         Several Lecture demonstrations for CCRT and Spic Macay
    ·         Natya Visharada by Kuchipudi Art Academy, Chennai
    ·         Nritya Taragini awarded in the USA
    ·         Swarna by the Malaysia Telugu Sangam in 2006

    On Her Own:
    Currently Hema runs her own dance school in Irving, Dallas under the name Nritya Upasana apart from performing and composing. She composed the Ballets
    ·         Sri Krishna Satrajiti (telecast by Doordarshan),
    ·         Aamutka Malyada,
    ·         Kalyana Srinivasa Charitam,
    ·         Mahanadi Maniharam,
    ·         Annamaiah padanartha Sobha,
    ·         Jaagruti,
    ·         Telugu Vaibhavam, Andhram for the cultural dept. of the AP Govt.
    ·         She also composed a lot of solo items and presented then at various occasions.