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Chinta Ravi Balakrishna

Artist Name: Sri Chinta Ravi Balakrishna
Place: Kuchipudi, Andhra Pradesh

Email : balakrishna_chinta@yahoo.com
Phone : (91) 9885548226

Temple Street, Kuchipudi Village, Movva Mandalam,
Krishna Dt., Andhra Pradesh- 521136,

Profile & pictures posted with permission from the artist

Hailing from a traditional family of Kuchipudi Bhagavatulu Sri Chinta Ravi Balakrishna dived into the beautiful world of performing arts and shined as a beacon of Kuchipudi dance. He was born in the year 1984 and started to tune his steps to the rhythm under the guidance of his father and Guru renowned (Late) Natyabhushanam Sri Chinta Ramamurthy. He further became a disciple of (Late) Sri. Vendantam Ratayya Sharma and (Late) Sri.Chinta Ramanatham. He also got an opportunity to refine his talent under the able guidance of Padmasri.Sri.Vendantam Satyanarayana Sharma.

He utilized all the opportunities that knocked him and proved his talent. Not just a performing artiste he completed courses in dance as a theoretical approach to an art is equally important. He has completed Diploma in Yakshaganam from The Siddhendra Yogi Kuchipudi Kala Kshetram. Being a commerce graduate, he finished his Masters in Kuchipudi dance from The Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University where he secured a gold medal for the same, and also Masters in Telugu Literature from Acharya Nagarjuna University.

He recently got selected as a PhD candidate from the Telugu University. His great and noble journey to seek more knowledge was been aided by different scholarships from CCRT and Human Resource Development Govt. of India and also from Kendra Sangeet Natak Academy. He is currently working as a dance instructor in The Siddhendra Yogi Kuchipudi Kala Kashetram.

As a scintillating performer, a dedicated teacher, a skilful choreographer and a Nattuvanar, it is not an exaggeration to say that Ravi Balakrishna is a synonym for a complete Dancer.  He started as a solo dancer at the age of 5 and thereafter continued to perform at various stages at national and international level. Ravibalakrishna has been appreciated by the critics for “the lyrical beauty of the pure nritta” and his fresh subtle and matured Abhinaya. To name a few of his spectacular performances are, Swarna Nritya Pratibha through Sangeet Natak Academy in the year 2004, Siddhendra Yogi Mahotsav in the year 2007, Yuva Shastruya Nrityotsav at Rabindra Bharti Hyderabad in the year 2008. He also portrayed lead roles in Dance Ballets and Yakshaganas along with celebrated dance maestros.

To name a few are
·        Snake charmer in Bhaktha Prahlada
·         Vetrahasta, Chandamarkulu and Lord Narasimha in Bhaktha Prahlada Charitam.
·         Satyabhama, Madhavi and Lord Krishna in Bhamakaalapam.
·         Shiva, Aniruddha, ChitraRekha and Usha in Usha Parinayam.
·         Bruhannala in Narthanasala.
·        Maya Vishnu—in Vinayaka Chavithi and many more.

He has to his credit some wonderful Solo items and Ballets choreographed which has won laurels to him.
Solo Items:
·        Ananda Narthana Ganapthy
·        Tillana in raga Vrindavana Sarang
·        Shambho Shiva Shambho
·        Uttukadu Keertana Neerajasamaneela Krishna
·        Bhajamanasa Vigneshwaramanisham
·        Narayana teertha Tarangam
·        Ardha Nareeshwar which have been awarded through NCC to his disciple.
·        Vacchenu Alamelumanga—annamaya keertana
·        Rama Kathamrutam,(KUCHIPUDI DANCE BALLET)
·        Sri.Venkateshwara Vaibhavam,(KUCHIPUDI DANCE BALLET)
·        Mahisasura Mardini, (KUCHIPUDI DANCE BALLET)
·        Annamaya, (KUCHIPUDI DANCE BALLET)
·        Navarasa NatesaVilasam, (KUCHIPUDI DANCE BALLET)

Dance ballets

1.     Sri Venkateshwara Vaibhavam presented at Tirupathi Brahmotsav Dasherra
Festival  Andhra Pradesh 2007.
2.     Rama Kathamritam a special choreography highlighting all the three poets -              Annamayya, Thyagaraja and Raamadaasu with more philosophical themes presented at Guru Pragasatkaram as a part of felicitations to six Gurus at Vijayawada at 2008.
3.     Mahisasura Mardhini at Dasherra Utsav Andhra Pradesh 2008.

As a performer he also specializes in the technique of Pagati Vesham which is a unique performing style of dance. In this Each performance revolves around a single episode consisting of a prominent " Vesham" (disguise) and other less important characters wherein he can aptly act the roles of Budabukkala Vadu, Hindustani Brahmana Vesham and Mandula Vesham.

To add to his enriching dance career he trained himself in Carnatic vocal music and also plays Mrudangam which aided him to get a good hold in music and rhythm.

To name a few important festivals he participated in ---

·        Swarna Nritya Pratibha in Thiruvananthapuram – 2004
·        Nritya Pratibha  Eyal Esai Natak Mandram and SNA Delhi 2007
·        Award function by the Sangeet Natak Academy ---Delhi in 2007
·        At Rabinadra Bharti for Yuva Sastriya nritya Utsav by Andhra Pradesh Cultural affairs and South – Zone Cultural Centre Tanjavore in 2008.
·        Silicon Andhra Festival at U.S.A in 2008.
·        Ustad Bismillah Khan award function at New Delhi in 2009.
·        Opening Ceremony in Common Wealth Games 2010.
·        Kharavel Festival at Bhubaneswar in 2011.

   He has been bestowed with innumerable awards like:-

·        Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar in 2009 by Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi.
·        Yuva Sutradhari Puraskar in February 2007 by Padmasri Dr. Vedantam Satyanarayana Sharma at the Siddhendra yogi festival at Kuchipudi.
·        Nritya Kaumudi by Abhinaya Nritya Bharati Eluru 2008.

 It is pertinent to note that he has his own beautiful flavour for writing which can be a seen in his articles written for various magazines and newspapers under his pen name.

Thus his rhythmic journey to the music of his soul and tradition continues…