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Krishnaveni Gurrapu

Artist Name: Krishnaveni  Gurrapu
Place: Virginia
School/Organization: Abhinaya Tharangini
Website: www.abhinayatharangini.com 


Abhinaya Tharangini
22551 Windsor Locks Sq,
Ashburn VA 20148

Profile and pictures posted with permission from the artist

" Dance" is ingrained in me, because I percieve it, as a medium of expression and experience it as a healing power and a mode of meditation.."  --- Krishnaveni.

Krishnaveni, director of Abhinaya Tharangini, is an accomplished Kuchipudi dancer & choreographer, trained under the tutelage of eminent Gurus, Natya Visharada Smt.Vempati Nageswari, Dr. Vedantam Ramalinga Sastry and Dr.Yashoda Thakore.

Krishnaveni holds a Diploma in Kuchipudi Dance from Telugu University, Hyderabad and has been bestowed by Natya Mayuri and Mahila Ratna awards for her enchanting performances. She is a member of IDEA ( Indian Dance Educators Association [http://www.ideadancers.org ]) in metro Washington DC area of USA and is an active performer in the Dance festivals by IDEA such as,  "Living Dance-Festival of India", "Silver screen" - Celebrating 100 yrs of Indian Cinema through Classical dance, " Nourish Our Roots" - IDEA 20th Anniversary Dance festival, " An Evening of Indian Dance", " Panorama of Indian Dance", along with other local music and dance festivals in Virginia. She has been invited by local TV network GTV in the Women's
Worldview segment to talk about the Abhinaya in Kuchipudi.  She established " Abhinaya Tharangini - Academy of Kuchipudi Dance " in 2007, with the vision to spread the aesthetic beauty of Kuchipudi dance and use it in a therapeutic form to help the young students in all areas of their development , as the dance by itself is purely yogic in nature. 

Besides her passion in Kuchipudi dance, Krishnaveni holds a Bachelor of Engineering  in Electronics and Communications  from Osmania University in India and Master of Science in Computer Sciences from George Mason University, VA USA.