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Aditya Bulli Brahmam

Artist Name: Sri Aditya Bulli Brahmam
Place: Visakhapatnam, India
Kuchipudi Kalaa Kendram

Email: aditya99143@gmail.com
Phone: (91) 9885399143

Kuchipudi Kalaa Kendram
M.V.P colony, D.No.95/5
Visakhapatnam - 17

Profile and photos posted with permission from the artist.

“Among the next generation of Indian Classical Dancers, Aditya is the best.  Following in his famous mother’s footsteps, excellence in form, precision in footwork and a natural sense of abhinaya combine to thrilling effect.” Roxanne Kamayani Gupta, author A Yoga of Indian Classical Dance: The Yogini’s Mirror  (Inner Traditions: 2000) 

Background and Training:
   Giving his first public performance at the age of 7 years, Aditya learned Kuchipudi Dance from birth at the feet of his reknowned mother and Guru Kala Ratna Smt. A.B.BalaKondala Rao.  He later completed a diploma with distinction in Yakshaganam from the Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad in 2009 after receiving a diploma in Kuchipudi Dance from the same institute in 2005.

Today he conducts classes at the Kuchipudi Kalaa Kendram and teaches and performs not only in India but in America as well.  Aditya is pursuing his MBA in  Andhra University, Aditya is proficient in Nattuvangam, vocal music and dance choreography.

   Aditya has played all major male roles such as Rama, Hanuman, Siva, Ramanujulu, and Narada in several ballets of Kuchipudi Kalaa Kendram and others the most famous being that of Mahisah in Shankari Vijayam.

·       Recipient of  Senior Scholarship from “Ministry of Culture”, Government Of India.
·       “B” Graded artist of Doordarshan
·       Recipient of “VMDA” award for Kuchipudi dance from Visakha Music and Dance Academy, Vizag, 2012.
·       First male dancer in city of Vizag invited to perform for Yuva Sangeet Natak Akademi, Vizag, 2011
·       Recipient of prestigious “Singar Mani” title by the “Sur Singar Samsad,” Mumbai, 2010
·       Recipient of title “Nritya Ramana” presented by Nritya Madhavi, school of Kuchipudi dance, New Jersey, 2010
·       Awarded “Natya Ratna” from Kuchipudi Kalaa Kendram, Vizag, 2000.

Selected  Indian Performances: -

·       Global Conference on Traditional Culture, Sports and Games, Amaravati, 2013
·       World Telugu Conference, Tirupati - 2012
·       Silicon Andhra Festival International Kuchipudi Dance Convention, Hyderabad- 2010, 2012
·       Woodstock International School, Mussoorie, India  2012
·       Yoga, music and culture center, Rishikesh, 2012
·       Visakha Music & Dance Academy – Vizag 2012
·       Sangeeth Natak Academy – Vizag 2011
·       Naada Neerajanam – Tirupati 2011
·       Telugu Kala Saithi – Mumbai 2011, 2009,2007
·       Siddendra Yogi Mahotsav – Kuchipudi Village- 2010
·       Sur Singar Samsad, Mumbai- 2010
·       Andhra Maha Sabha, Mumbai- 2010
·       Karnataka Sangeeta Natak Academy, Bangalore  2008.
·       Kinkini Dance Festival, Bangalore- 2002
·       Kalamandalam Dance Festival, Kolkata- 2005
·       Malabar Mahotsav, Kerala- 2002
·       Madras Telugu Academy 2006
·       Tunzan Dance Festival – Kerala 2002 

 Performances in USA, 2012 :

·       Aaharya, Inc. at Jewish Community Centre, Rockville, Maryland.  
·       Dushera Program, Kali temple in Burtonsville, Maryland
·       Program in honor of Late Vempati Chinna Satyam Gaithersburg, Maryland
·       India Community, Jackson, Mississippi
·       George Washington Telugu Association (GWTC) Gaitherburg, Maryland
·       Delaware temple, Hockessin, Delaware.  

Performance in U.S.A. 2010
·       Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana Festival, Cleveland, Ohio
·       Sri Venkatesawara Temple, Pittsburgh, PA
·       Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
·       Shiva Vishnu Temple, Atlanta, GA
·       India Community Center, Rochester, NY

Teaching Experience:
·       Thyagaraja Aradhanotsavam festival, Cleveland, Ohio assistant to Smt. Bala Kondalarao April, 2010
·       Workshop Woodstock School Mussoorie April, 2012
·       Pranava Natya Kuchipudi dance school 3 months training, Gaithersburg, Maryland, Sept-Nov, 2012
·       Kuchipudi Dance Academy conducted 2 days workshop at German town, Maryland, Nov 2012
·       Conducted 4 days workshop at Kuchipudi Kalanidhi, Bethesda, Maryland, Nov 2012
·       Conducted Workshop at Nritya Madhavi dance institute in Edison, New Jersey, Nov 2012

His devoted practice and understanding of the essence of Kuchipudi has made him an exceptional dancer, teacher and outstanding choreographer. Aditya continues to display his dedication to Kuchipudi Dance by participating in choreography and performances and teaching this classical art to this generation and next generations.